If you're feeling overwhelmed and past the point of desperation

You’re not alone. These last few days have been hell, and the future does not look good.

But please, please don’t give up. If you’re in a crisis, the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Is there for a reason. It’s there to help.


In Canada

If you are in crisis, call 1-833-456-4566 or visit crisisservicescanada.ca. First Nations people and Inuit can also call 1-855-242-3310 or chat at hopeforwellness.ca.

To learn more about suicide prevention, visit Centre for Suicide Prevention at www.suicideinfo.ca.

Courtesy of @the_borderer:

If you are in the UK

The Samaritans (UK and Ireland):
Call free on 116 123
Email: jo@samaritans.org
They are not a religious helpline, despite the name

Here are some more UK helplines which are more focused on a single group of people

Campaign Against Living Miserably - Mens suicide prevention line
London: 0808 802 58 58 - 5pm–midnight
Nationwide: 0800 58 58 58 - 5pm–midnight
Webchat: https://www.thecalmzone.net/help/webchat

Childline - helpline for people under 19 years old
0800 1111

Silver Line - Older peoples helpline
0800 4 70 80 90

Switchboard - LGBT+ focused
0300 330 0630 - 10am-10pm every day

And remember

Remember, you can take a break for today, or a little bit longer if you need. Unplug for a bit, talk to someone you trust, or hug a pet. Take care of yourself, the rest of us can hold the line.

(Please feel free to comment with services in other countries, and I will edit to put them up here).


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Thank you so much, @MalevolentPixy. Stay awesome.


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Thank you for doing that.

Sometimes it’s easier to get help when it’s right there in front of you.


I note that you posted this at the Other Place also, where it is even more sorely needed. Thank you.


The other is actually the original and more expansive, but I thought we could use it here, too.

I am just leery about linking and pingbacks, considering some of the more toxic elements there. I don’t want to leave too many breadcrumb trails.


I’m hugging Derposaurus Rex right now, sans shark pillow.

Thank you for compiling these resources here, and at the other place. I do hope the gal we’re most worried about finds your post.


This guy:

and replaying Dragon Age: Inquisition. Refuge in the fluffy and familiar.


Hey everyone. Stay strong: you are one tough cookie. But remember it’s OK to crumble sometimes, to not be OK. Just stick around please. We see and hear you. You are needed, wanted and loved. Thank you for being you!

Also, in Australia, relevant services include Lifeline, Centres Against Sexual Assault, beyondblue and KHL (Kids Helpline).

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Do you have links or numbers for those?


Agreed. I don’t even make any reference on the BBS to the existence of another place (I may have said things like “maybe I’ll see you elsewhere” in the early days).

I expect she has already had PMs from some users I could name, several of whom are active on both sites.

If she’s the person I think you mean, she’s been a BBS user for a while, and her comments seem to be on the side of Right and Truth, with an emphasis on women’s issues. What do people think about inviting her here? Her recent posts are troubling, and a safe space and lots of hugs might help.


I have no problem with inviting her here. I was just thinking about that myself a couple days ago. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t seem a bad idea to me.


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I have struggled so much in the last couple of years, increasingly in the last 6 months, since my father had a stroke, and is on the downhill slide to dying of old age. I’ve tried to gin up the courage to make an appointment with a counselor, and failed over and over.

Today, I made an appointment. It’s not until November, but I want to see this person specifically. They deal with sexual health, and while that’s not my primary problem, it’s so deeply enmeshed that I cannot be honest with someone I can’t talk to about my sex life. I’m going on the assumption that someone with this specialty won’t hear “kink” and go directly to “abuse”. Honestly, in the buckle of the bible belt, it was hard finding someone who isn’t “christian counseling”.

So, I am scared, panicked but I have some hope. Specifically, I hope that the fact this person is covered on my insurance is the universe telling me that they are the right one to help me.

Then this afternoon, I read that Jason Kander is dropping out of the race for mayor of Kansas City. The reason is that he is seeking treatment for PTSD. He mentioned something in his message about what he’s doing, and I’d like to share that here. He is a veteran, and he gave the number for the VA Crisis Line. It is 1-800-273-8255.


Hang in there, glad you’re seeing a therapist.


I hope you can get the help you want. My current therapist is the best one I’ve ever had; I wish I could get you an appointment and a transporter to get you there.:hugs: