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A few days ago, it was gently suggested that to me that I should stop working out my personal problems in other people’s threads. So, I’m making a space for myself to blog random stuff.

Maybe it will end up a wasteland, and maybe it will be a place where I beat dead horses.


The snark is nice.

From an article on ping pong diplomacy:

The Chinese government would also like to emphasize that many foreigners are not fully educated about why state authorities with clubs are beating protesters in Hong Kong, where the violence has been increasing, and that they do not understand exactly what Xi Jinping meant when he said, on Sunday, “Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones.” The idea that free speech has financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual costs is one that undemocratic governments encourage, and that thinking can spread, too. That’s the thing about bridges: they go both ways.


Unfortunately, many of the physics researchers who need quiescent lead “for the good of humanity” are being out competed by chip foundries who need it for reasons that aren’t really explained.

This may explain this phenomenon.


From a 2013 nytimes story

Deep pockets are an unofficial requirement for many postings. While ambassadors currently earn a maximum base salary of $179,700, and housing is provided with the job, in some capitals they can expect to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on entertaining. So those who can “self-finance” have a competitive edge.

an academic pape r tallies up the price tags

Warren has said sshe wants to stop this practice…

but I’m not sure that formally appointing Giuliani as ambassador insstead of someone like Sondland would have solved much.


I dunno-- retiring this trope would mean affirming that abuse cannot happen in a psychiatric institution.

(The last story I read featuring a psychaitrist-- The Swan Thieves, by Elizabath Kostova, was an ethical nightmare.)


A new republic writer has a theory about deadspin.

Comparisons to the largely dead alternative weeklies are made.

I’m not one for sportsball, so I don’t think I’ve read more than a couple dozen deadspin articles over the years-- they were mostly the articles that had little to do with sports.

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