Meh... for all of life's okay events

During my morning commute today, two women got into a fistfight on the train.

My local train stopped at Atlantic Avenue. We waited a moment for the express train across the platform. “Woman A” had been in my car and was crossing to the express train. Possibly she bumped into “Woman B.”

Soon there was shouting and scuffling outside the train. Fortunately there was one of those large MTA guys standing there who tried to get between them. He was only partially successful. This fight was something the two women really wanted. But he persisted and eventually Woman B was in my car and had found herself a seat.

At that point it looked like the situation was over. But it wasn’t

Woman A charged back into my car, threw her rather sizable paperback book at Woman B and shouted “Here, you can have the book, b****!” And at that point the true fight began.

This was not a usual media representation of women fighting. It was the kind of thing that wouldn’t appear in a movie after, say, 1940. Punches were thrown. They ended up wrestling on the floor of the crowded train car. It was something worthy of Mayo Methot.

I hadn’t slept much last night due to coughing, so I wasn’t too widely awake. It all seemed a bit like a dream.

James Stewart would have emptied a bucket of water over them, but I didn’t have one. And that might have made things worse. So I asked myself, what would James Cagney or Clark Gable do? So I excused myself from the car.

I have no idea what the fight was about, and I can’t imagine it was really worth it. Whatever the cause, it was not worth missing an express train during a morning commute.


Getting back to this.

As you may recall, I was having problems with my Bialetti 6-cup Moka Express since I changed the gasket and what they call a “filter plate.” It only steamed. To get it to make any coffee I needed to use it at a high temperature unsuitable for good coffee. At first I thought I had cleaned it too well and the water was becoming super-heated instead of boiling. But that wasn’t the problem. Then I noticed the packaging for the replacement gasket and filter plate were for Bialetti’s more trendy models. These two parts had fit into my ordinary machine perfectly, but I assumed there must be some difference.

Recently, I managed to find the appropriate replacement gasket and filter plate for a six-cup Moka Express. While searching for them I also found a rather decent kitchen store I had not been aware of. That’s a positive thing anyway. I told the person who checked me out " you would not believe how hard these are to find." He said people were ordering them online from California.

So I now have the correct gasket and filter plate, and guess what I discovered? They are exactly the same as the ones for the trendy model I already have. Exactly the same.

So that wasn’t the problem either.

I gave this device a good looking over. It is so simple, where could the problem be?

The only thing I can think is this: The coffee sits in a part named “the funnel.” The rim of this funnel needs to make a tight seal with the gasket. My funnel has developed a few imperfections over the past six years. The funnel is made out of a thin piece of aluminum, so I was able to smooth-out some of these blemishes with a hard surface and the blade of a small screwdriver.

Now it works, but I need to tighten it down with all the strength I have. I suppose the old gasket must have had a groove worn into it, and the new one is just too smooth.

So after the holidays I will think about getting a new funnel.


So, the Moka Pot of Theseus?


Husband and I went for a quick walk in the park before the sun went down. A lady came out of a perpendicular trail with two off leash standard poodles. They followed us for a while and one of the dogs gave my hand a really assertive snout boop, like a snout boop high five.

IDK why but that just kinda made my evening.


Reminds me of an interaction while I was hiking once… I was approaching a couple with a dog coming the other direction, so I stepped off the path to give room. Made eye contact with the couple as they passed, nodded and smiled, and looked back down the trail in prep for continuing on. Then, before I fully realized what was happening, the dog was up on hind legs with its paws on my shoulders. It didn’t seem aggressive, so I just paused… it gave me a snuffle, then a lick on the cheek. I gave it a “well, nice to meet you too!” and it seemed satisfied and dropped down and continued on.

Describing it now sounds like it could have gone badly, but at the time it just felt extremely friendly.


That’s nice that it was so friendly.

Where I used to live when I was growing up there were so many stray dogs and they weren’t all friendly, although some really were. Even had a pack of strays that would follow me around all over one neighborhood and hang out with me on the railroad tracks. They were good dogs.

However I didn’t get too upset if I was out walking on some back country road past someone’s property and aggressive dogs came out at me. I’d usually toss them some beef jerky and they’d be fine.

But when I went to the park to walk the nature trails, I was going there for peace and nature. It really annoyed me when people would bring in unleashed dogs. Especially when I was out on the narrow walkway high up over the river and there was nowhere to go. I don’t swim, and nowadays I’m afraid of heights, although I wasn’t always. I think part of that may be due to being trapped in that situation (more than once.) with an overly excited dog or two charging at me.


snoot-boops are the best!!!


Oh yeah. Honestly it’s honestly kind of a menace here. Not only do people let their dogs off leash way too much on bike trails they let them off leash sometimes in, like, grocery stores. I don’t really have a problem if people bring their dogs but the dog should definitely not be bounding down the cereal isle unfettered while you shop.


While on vacation around New Year’s, I stopped with some friends at a shop that had a lot of oddball old tchotchkes for sale around the walls and floor. A man was standing on one wall next to one of these on the floor, a stuffed figure of a tiny, puffball-like dog with a dried-out tongue poking out of its mouth, about the size of a large boot. At least, I and the others with me thought it was stuffed, until eventually that puffball yawned, and we suddenly realized it a) was an actual dog, and b) was definitely quite old.

After a while the man excused himself to go to the restroom, telling the dog to stay put. As soon as he was out of sight, the dog stood up and slowly tottered across the room, around several other people, to park itself directly at my feet and look up as well as it could. I can of course confirm that its fur was extremely soft.


May 2018 seems like a lifetime ago.

I have it cued to the best part.


I forgot to turn off the hose yesterday, and it froze last night. Well that did in my hose, but maybe my partner can put on a new hose end. He’s handy like that.

So, I found that the hose was leaking when I went to water my bonsai trees. There was no pressure, and it gave up completely after two minutes or so.

I thought I had fucked up the well somehow. The well pump went out years ago and it was thousands, I sweated as I called him.

But, it’s OK, because it what went out was the valve on the pressure tank in the wellhouse. He came home early enough that I think he can get to the local mill and supply for a replacement, before they close.

So, in the end, I don’t think I fucked up as big as I thought at first. I should probably still make something nice for dinner, though.


If it’s any consolation, in the last big drop in temperatures a few months ago, I accidentally left a hose hanging too close to one of our outdoor faucets when I set it to dripping, and the faucet itself froze up.

Thankfully, I was checking them occasionally. But I was pretty worried when I discovered it, since I had no idea how bad it was.

I now know that wrapping it in a small towel and pouring warm/hot water over it for a while can unfreeze things, and I was able to get things dripping again and used some packing foam lying around to rig a cover for extra insulation. We didn’t need that hand towel anyways…


It turns out that some electronic components burned out. So, not my fault. Hopefully the parts can be found locally, and my partner will be able to do the work to replace them, he’s handy.


And, just to close the loop, we had to have a well company come out and replace the pump and add some pipe. We have new houses with wells around us, so the aquifer dropped. So, it’s gonna be pricey, but there is running water in my house again. And I’m pleased to have been able to shower today :slight_smile: If that ain’t a totally OK thing, I don’t know what is.


How much deeper did they have to dig?


They didn’t, there is apparently a cavern of some kind. I’m on top of a lot of lime stone, this is caves and sinkholes country.


I just got a new charge card from a certain, unnamed national bank.

They changed my account number. First time that has ever happened. I had that catchy sequence of 16 numbers for 30 years. I guess it was about time.


There’s more than one?

My wife and I used to have the same number on a joint account. Recently they gave us different numbers in the last four digits. I guess it’s a security feature of some sort.


Did you know Young Sheldon was still on?