Moving to

Do I need to, like, actually do anything?


But, just in case…


If you haven’t already, go check out

  • See if you can log in.
  • See if anything seems out of place.
  • Post there if you want, but it will be overwritten with the next backup restored.
  • Get ready to stop coming to

It’s like a time machine!

It’s odd. Over there I’ve earned the “Aficionado” badge. I checked this site… and I don’t see that badge in the available list.


Weird. I don’t see it on the admin side of either site.

Oh well, it will be gone as soon as the next restore.

Like tears in the rain…


I’m thinking since the new site is from a backup, it’s running on an older version of Discourse. Maybe that’s why it’s using different badges? I recall at least 2 upgrades since the site debuted.

I don’t really care about the badges (I already know I’m a BBS addict), it’s just fun to try to troubleshoot.

2 Likes is running 1.9.0.beta13 is running 1.9.0.beta7

The database backup is independent of the software version.

I suppose it’s possible that a badge was added between 7 and 13, but it’s still odd that it doesn’t show anywhere in the admin interface.


I can’t explain the admin interface, but the new badge is probably Discourse version differences. I checked over at the Old BBS and they have Enthusiast/Aficionado/Devotee badges for visiting 10/100/365 days straight.

um nevermind


Yep another aficionado here. Guess we enjoy it while we can.

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Um, what am I missing? Been working so much my brain does nothing but tell me to eat and relax when I get home, except when I need to do work about the house, in which case I still want to eat.

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I was able to log in with no problems.


Got a time in mind? Can we start a countdown?

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I just tried and failed to log in at the new place, using the same username & password as this place. Do I have to create a new account over there?

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I believe so. I just used the same username I use here to start a new account there. Worked fine.

It’s like your old posts have been cloned and copied over there, but you have to actually start your account there.

Is that right, @LockeCJ?


I logged in okay without creating a new account. Things look normal except that posts more recent than Sep. 16 have not been copied over yet (which I understand is as intended). I’m just logging in via plain old URL, not any social networks.


Yup, that’s how I tried. Weird that some of us can do it and some can’t. I think I’ll just wait till it’s up & running; don’t want to fiddle with it when the backup’s going on. No biggie.

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Estoy aficionado!

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this was my experience as well. i didn’t have to create an account. i used my existing username and password.

i also browsed around, clicked through some posts, liked something, checked out my (old) profile. everything seemed to work okay for me.