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Change of plans. I had originally planned for Saturday night, but I both neglected to announce my plans in concrete terms, and I also ended the day completely exhausted.

I’m now thinking mid-week would be a better fit.

Let’s aim for 10/25 at 03:00 GMT. That’s concrete without being too immediate.

It occurred to me that it would be good to have a communication channel outside of this place in case things don’t go so smoothly.

I’ll be monitoring both closely during the move, and I’ll try to keep an eye on them from now on as well. If anything comes up, reach out to me at one of these and I should be able to get to it quickly.

Ha Ha. As I was writing this up, the entire site went down due to lack of disk space. I sure would have been useful if someone could have contacted me to let me know about it, huh? Good thing there was a near-duplicate where people could vent their frustrations that I conveniently happened upon (late).

I don’t know any reason why you would need to create a new account, and it doesn’t seem like everyone is having that experience. Were you able to see your posts once you created a new account with the same name?

The database backup that I restore should have everything, including passwords, images, and cinemagraphs gifs.

Can I ask for a few more concrete tests before Wednesday?

Can one or more people do the following?

  • Create a new account at
    • Via Google
    • Via Facebook
    • Via Twitter
    • Via Login/Password (None of the above)
  • Login to an existing account
    • Via Google
    • Via Facebook
    • Via Twitter
    • Via Login/Password (None of the above)

Let me know how these go here in this topic, and I’ll see what I can do.


Huh. Maybe I’m not properly remembering what I actually did. Maybe I just logged in, and it had been so long since I had needed to, it just seemed like creating a new account.

Oops, I bet that was it. Sorry for my lameness!


Just FYI: I still can’t log on with my current email & password on my PC.

And this place decided I was logged out on my iPad, but I was able to log back in fine. Haven’t tried; I thought I’d better get in on my PC first.


:smiley: During the 502 incident it occurred to me that the site might’ve already moved and I did not remember the new URL. (I have it saved now and tested login (standard login/password for existing account) and posting, which worked fine for me.) Also tested creating a new account via email/login/password and that worked ok for me as well.

Will the move have a redirect and/or email with that contact info for anyone who doesn’t check this thread between now and then? Or maybe simpler to replace the site here with a page with the link and that info.


I logged in to my existing account using username/password option with no problems.


My account doesn’t seem to exist there; logging in with the same credentials as here doesn’t work and trying the reset password link says there’s no account with this username (or if I use the associated e-mail address). Didn’t try signing up again.


Well, that’s typical for a cryptid, ain’t it?


Could the account / no account issues be related to when people signed up? Accounts prior to the backup exist,buy not ones created since then? Especially since @Donald_Petersen isn’t sure if he had to create a new account or not.

Just throwing out ideas. Not sure if they’re good ones.



I’d suggest leaving this place open for a week or two if possible just so people can have a place to register their panic.


Split threads across two sites? Noooo!

It can be a relatively seamless transition with just a few minutes of read-only time (prevent input long enough to dump the latest DB from here, load it there, and enable a redirect so that anyone who comes here gets bounced to there). I trust that site management can handle it. Just gotta have faith!

BTW, @LockeCJ, if you want someone around to help out, verify the switchover, or just give moral support when the time comes, ping me, I can be around. It’s a different software stack than I deal with at work, but the same concepts.


Wait, it’s time to panic???



Dr Who Spearhead Panic


I’m planning on putting up a banner post that makes it pretty clear, in addition to marking this place as read-only.

Absolutely. The backup restored at is from 2017-09-16 (I think) and @penguinchris joined 2017-09-21. Anyone who created an account here before that date should be able to login, although the passwords will be different if they changed it after 2017-09-16.

My current plan is to leave this up in read-only for a few days before doing a DNS redirect. That gives us a pretty easy fallback point if things don’t go smoothly. If you need to reach out due to not being able to login to the new site, contacting me via Twitter or e-mail is probably the best approach.

That’s the general plan, with the modification mentioned above. I’d rather deal with DNS propagation once rather than potentially twice.

Thank you. I tried to pick a time that would be late enough so that it’s not too disruptive, but still early enough that people would likely be around. Verification is probably the biggest task, and the more people that can help out with that, the better.


FYI, I think I joined around August 4, 2017. At least that’s my first post. Maybe that’s why I can’t sign in in at


According to your profile, you joined on September 4th. Have you changed your password recently, after September 16th?


Ah, that could be it. Several weeks after I created my account, I finally decided to try to sign in on my iPad. I had a really complex password generated by my password manager, but I couldn’t sign in. I thought maybe I wasn’t copying it properly so I changed it, to make it simpler as a test. Somewhere along the way it worked (I don’t remember why or how). Then I made the password complex again, and that worked too this time.


Wrong date, right time. Time zones are hard.

2017-10-26 03:00 GMT



what you say?


So how do you move a website?

How much does it weigh?