Moving to



If I had a quarter for every time I accidentally missed a customer scheduled time due to timezone confusion crossing the line between days…

…well, I wouldn’t be rich or anything, but I’d probably be able to buy a coffee or two.


I found this converter useful:

It’s telling me the move will hit EDT (my zone) on Oct. 25 at 11PM. You can put on a place or time zone and it will translate it to your local time. :wink:


It’s your own fault for not running on GMT as any decent, right-thinking person should!


I’m in at the new place.


You missed part of that.

When in danger, when in doubt
Run in circles, scream and shout;
If in doubt you still remain
Run in circles once again.

Or the alternative version

When in danger, when in doubt
Turn your trousers inside out.
If in doubt you still remain
Simply change them round again.


Question: Links to other users’ posts that we have posted in the past go to What happens to them after our posts are migrated and HMS is shut down?


It should be possible to have discourse find/replace all instances of with I thought I had done that over there, but maybe it was not successful. Can you send me an example I can use as a quick test case?


Your initial post in this thread has been linked to from Badass Dragoons of the Highlands Turn 5. Would that do?


Here’s an example that I think is working correctly:


Good. Thanks @LockeCJ.


I can’t log in there.

Should I be able to?


Not right now. I’m testing the upgrade one final time before the switch-over.

Which is 8 minutes from now…


And we’re back.

Please let me know if anything’s not working.

That took longer than I expected.


Lookin’ good so far!


It’s showing correctly in the Admin UI for me now.

I expect those badges will be re-granted pretty soon.


Apparently last night I was trying to access right in the cusp when mutants was already read-only but elsewhere hadn’t hit the ground running yet. All seems to be running smoothly this morning, however. Congratulations!


have we moved yet?


that was completely painless! good show, sir.

I’m on a really old mac and old version of firefox. I don’t know if that’s of any use to you, but if you need me to test that, I’m very available. sorry, didn’t see i’m replying to a month old post, there.


Total time was a little over an hour, thanks to my ineffective attempts to get the site to leave read-only mode.


Could have been worse… could have been stuck in write-only.