Not Feminism 101

A new documentary by NC twin brothers examines ‘9 to 5’ film’s cultural impact BY KORIE DEAN JULY 22, 2022 10:20 AM

This episode has aged extremely well.

Addendum: I’m also sick of reading that this series was created by Norman Lear, when he’s clearly not named as such in the opening credits. He was a producer, and he developed the series, but that’s not quite the same as creating, now is it?

I watched the film not too long ago with my daughter. It was really sad how much of it was still true. You’d think by now it’d feel a little stale and dated, but we are still fighting for these same basic rights in the workplace - daycare, recognition, equal pay.

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It looks like NO is winning big in Kansas.


I highly recommend if you would like to learn more about this case to go to r/deepdelusion. They do such a good job of debunking a lot of the social media videos going around.
TLDR: Johnny Depp is a cruel wifebeater, racist, and rapist; Amber Heard is a victim