Reasons why iOS 11 sucks

Here is a place to list all the reasons why the latest edition of iOS sucks.

I’ll start you off by mentioning the new split screen. No longer can you simply access additional apps by dragging it in from the right side of the screen. No. Now if you want to run two apps at the same time, they first have to exist in the dock, or something. If the two apps you want to run do not exist in the dock, you have to return to the home screen and do some kind of dragging and tapping of the icons with two fingers… or something. I haven’t figured that out yet.

So. Vent away.


Battery life. And screen lag.
And apps flaking out constantly.


Yes. That lag. It seems programmed to hesitate.
The worst offender is Safari. If you want to open a link into a new tab, you have to hold your finger on the link for — and this is an estimate — approximately 2 hours.

I haven’t had an app flake out yet. Not looking forward to that.


Good. Good. Let the hate flow…

(Honestly, at this point, I don’t care about the iOS v Android wars. I backed Windows 10 Mobile and we see where that got me.)


Windows 10 Mobile, wow. I always wondered what happened to the Zune guy.


Well today I would like to let my rage direct your attention towards the Podcasts app.

It does exactly what the previous versions did (i.e. it dowloads podcasts and plays them) but now the interface is like wading through a maze. I have to click and swipe my way through layer after layer of options in order to download and/or play.

To be honest, I’m a bit intimidated by it. I dread having to use it.

Can anyone recomend a decent third-party podcasts app?


I’ve been using Podcast Republic. It takes a bit of dancing around to Chromecast, but besides that it’s good.


And don’t let my blind rage prevent me from pointing out that the Podcasts app now lists new episodes below the episodes I’ve already downloaded.

Why would you do that, Apple. :scream:


Thanks for the suggestion.
But apparently that doesn’t exists for iOS.
I’ll have to do some research…


After the last update my text alert sound now stutters like its trying to play multiple times offset by a fraction of a second - sometimes with huge bursts of static? WTH?




The fake wifi and bluetooth toggles on the control gizmo don’t even always disconnect you from networks. The other day I had to go into the settings to turn off wifi when the “off” wifi wouldn’t stop trying to stay connected to a network that was out of range. With all of the bluetooth exploits this year, it seems like a bad idea from the start but when it doesn’t even do what Apple says it’s doing, the toggles may as well be useless.

I’m also extremely annoyed because this update was supposed to let us type to Siri. Which it will. But only if you turn off talking to Siri.


Yes! I was going to get to that little problem too.
What were they thinking, having fake on/off toggles? Did they assume no one would notice?
Furthermore, you can’t manually turn Nightshift on or off anymore without going into Settings either.

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ITunes does work well… for now.
But I would still have use the Podcasts app to play the podcasts.


It works OK, but I guess the thing I dislike about iTunes and similar things is that it gets so far away from directory structure. I have no real control over what goes where and how things are catalogued. My mp3 collection (all nicely categorized on my PC by sub-directories, music/performer/disc/song) ended up all thrown higgelty-piggelty into what seems like a single bin, with things categorized by mp3 keywords, which may or may not mean the same things or even be accurate. Several of my discs are collections; but can I find them together? No, the performers are strewn throughout by alphabetical order. I suppose I could make all the mp3 keywords consistent, but on that many of them??

What’s a podcast? :confused: I don’t think I’ve ever actually listened to one . . . .


I spent 2 hours last week sorting out the IT problem of an elderly woman. Microsoft fscking “libraries” present files without the tree structure, and so she could not find her files.

I have now taught her how to use Explorer to find files, configured her LibreOffice to look in the right places, and generally tidied up, but this is an example of a “feature” that to my mind should require explicit installation and also be quickly removable.

Apple has gone down the same path. There are many reasons why I would never buy an iPhone (about 64G of photos on my removable SD card being one of them) but one of them is that all my experience and training says that any general purpose computer without a proper file manager is not allowed in the house.


Presumably the same as they were thinking adding little ears to the top of the X display to make the brain fill in the gap and perceive a display that went to the top of the screen. Californian tech companies seem to have “Perception is the new reality” in big letters over the entrance to the C suite.


I’m honestly feeling a little scared for Apple.

First they took all the connections off the MacBook. Now they have released a version of iOS that is so bad it has me scratching my head.

And, yes, the iPhone X is a little sad.


Here’s my rant for the day. I’m spacing them out.

When you go to App Store to download updates, there used to be a note indicating the size of the file you were about to download. This information is handy for a number of reasons.

The new version of App Store does not do this. Why?!

How does removing that one piece of information inprove my iser experience? Are they trying to hide code bloat?!


Probably. Plus Apple has a bad habit of assuming users are just like them. I’m betting the decision makers don’t worry about data plans or caps.