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I’m having a problem reconciling the high-tech aspect of the setting with the 19th century culture.


Let’s leave aside the whole question about a plague that can affect so many different species with different evolutionary histories, and the sheer foolhardiness of the entire empire, if modern epidemiology was one of the things discarded when reverting to Regency culture. I can, although it strains my suspension of disbelief, reconcile all that with wanting to create an authentic-feeling Space Regency setting.

No, what I want to know is:

Where along the continuum of snake oil - proven medicine do these remedies fall?

If we’re in the far future, having come from high-tech societies, we should have clinically-proven medicine available to us. On the other hand, actual Regency period science didn’t.

I’m having a really hard time trying to figure out how to roleplay this. On the one hand, my rational, skeptical side took one look at the post above and called bullshit, and then amplified that call by a factor of a hundred based on the futuristic setting. On the other hand, my character has fallen ill, and the way the information is presented, it’s clear that the offer of medicine is supposed to be somewhat compelling (despite possessing all of the traits that, to a modern eye, cause it to be flagged as snake oil).

My character’s previous thoughts on this issue (before tonics, etc., became an official thing):



Forgive my lack of engagement, everyone, but while Liv is Hale and Hearty, I seem to be suffering the plague.

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As a relatively new colony world, Weatherby represents an largely unexplored opportunity. Although many aspects may have been previously studied from orbit in the general - native species, local ecosystems, planetary ecology - the introduction of local industry and multiple alien species will always disturb things to an extent. Specifically, as sorties, business ventures, and expeditions continue to stream out from the capital city, unusual and unexpected pathogens may easily find their way back to the concentrated populace.

In this particular instance, we’re probably closer to the Regency era of guesswork than we are to the futurist era of AI-assisted cures. Local chemists are likely to have a better understanding of regional illnesses, but any number of confidence sentients are likely to be jostling with genuine practitioners of space medicine to make a quick profit.


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I have a question regarding round 5. Dance partners are posted for the Governor’s Ball. However, many of us (including my Eudaemonia) are unlikely to elevate ourselves to that lofty rank. So if we plan to attend one of the “lesser” celebrations, do we still request dances from those characters, or make something else up?


Alas, as I fear I may have been unclear in the turn description - Regardless of which dinner gathering one attends prior to the ball (Governor, Mayor, Ms. Applethwaite, Ms. Fangley, and the sumptuous feast), all are still welcome to participate in the ball itself. One does not need to sup with the Governor himself to attend the ball.

Please choose the dining option that best suits one’s tastes and proceed to the ball afterwards without any judgment or gossip trailing in the wake.


Ah, wonderful. Thank you!

(And don’t worry, the misunderstanding was probably mine. :wink: )


Are there some tangible benefits to attending dinners? The risks seem real, the rewards less so.


Fair point. The rewards are commensurate with the risks, I’ll add some clarifying verbiage here in a bit.


Also: Are there any modifiers for the “Risks?” It seems that all of the described negative scenarios fall squarely into categories that would be influenced by the Character Abilities as described (except perhaps indigestion, which would be more of a Health thing).

With the probabilities as described, I’m having second thoughts about dining with Ms. Applethwaite, as the odds of something bad happening are higher than the odds of anything good.

On the other hand, with the scenarios described, my character (who, after all, went to a finishing school), would not worry about using the wrong utensil in the slightest.

(Also, seriously?! The Rank penalty for using the wrong utensil is twice as much as the Rank bonus for helping to retrieve medical supplies? I mean, I get that these are aristocrats and their priorities are therefore way out-of-whack, but still…)


Are all dances equally important? Do we need to pick three different partners, or would there be an advantage to asking for a second dance?

If we ask and are refused, do we have to sit out that dance?

(I’d say this was like prom only I refused to go to mine)


as I understand the rules, one can dance with one’s own ward.

can one dance with the same partner more than once?


I refused to go to my prom, as well. But my girlfriend insisted we got to hers (our high schools were 35 miles apart – not real barrier to dating in Texas :wink:



That’s Judge Turpin-level icky.


You dance if you want to. You can leave your ward behind. 'Cause your ward don’t dance, and if it don’t dance, then it’s no ward of mine.


I have a question about real estate and rank:


I currently rent a Fashionable Apartment for £700/turn, which boosts my rank +300, putting me at 661. So, if I want to attend the Governor’s Dinner, rather than plunking down £750 to rent some flashy sportscarriage to temporarily make me worthy of the Guv’s attention, I’d be better served by investing £525 (that is, £25 for the movers and £500 over my current £700 rent to afford the £1200) in movin’ on up to a Luxurious Digs on Whipweed Place to accomplish the same end (with a further bonus of an extra 50 status points), right? Or have I misread?