Redoubtable Downtown Space Abbey - Public Ledger

I neglected to mention that I do need to hire another staff member. Goodness knows we’ll need all the help we can get.

Hire Nanny


Uhhhhhhhhhh… I don’t know…



Oh, yes! Perfect, she’s hired.


St-Patrick-Hartbrooke, after a long discussion with his new spouse, has decided to undertake the task of attempting to conceive an heir.

If the child is a True Citizen, they will, of course, be given the name befitting the heir to the estate, becoming the fourth in the prestigious line of Aaaakzee St-Patrick-Hartbrookes.

If not, well, St-Patrick-Hartbrooke won’t love the child any less… well, not much less, but it wouldn’t be fitting to give a Citizen-Pretender such a name. Madeline has suggested “Luna,” after her mother, and the Taaa’keee has agreed that that’s a suitably… Pretenderish name. Well, that wasn’t what he said, he’d phrased it in a much more complimentary and diplomatic fashion than that, but that had been his actual reasoning.

With a handshake and a great many thanks, Aaaakzeee has decided to part ways with his Doctor. Due to the Doctor’s excellent care, he has now returned to peak physical form (which whould prove quite handy in the upcoming years of child-raising, although Madeline will naturally, as a Citizen-Pretender, be taking care of most of that).

And now, with marriage and family planning and all the various trials and afflictions behind him, it is time to undertake a project long-postponed. It is a blight on his honour that he voted for Mayor Tidewell’s re-election, even though he only subsequently learned of her horrific ideas for dealing with the plague, and, indeed, helped to talk her out of them. It is his solemn obligation to make recompense for that error, and, while he’s never aspired to politics himself, it would appear that there is no one available of better moral standing to take on the role.

His mind made up, he completes the necessary paperwork to start the nomination process, and sets out to collect the necessary signatures to enroll.

FIRE Physician
CHILD Aaaakzeee St-Patrick-Hartbrooke IV, Space Griffin (if True Citizen), OR
CHILD Luna Penumbra, Space Griffin (if Citizen-Pretender)
LEGACY 1 "Run for political office"

Hire barrister
I am not going down without a fight mysterious stranger.

Oh honey Qaaxtzl, look what I bought for you when I was out shopping at the gatc
Child Qaaxtl Farnsworth Mexican mole lizard

Legacy 3
I have invented a new product that is going to change the lives of everyone on weatherby. But I can’t talk about it till I secure the patent. No @Qaaxtzl I can’t even tell you about it dear.


The ceremonial pomp and excitement of the matrimonial season has abated, and Jean-Rhys finds herself pleasantly surprised at how quickly she and Mary have settled in to a comfortable domestic routine.

She’d expected her life to become even more complicated once they were wed, but somehow it seems simpler and more pure than ever before. It’s as if she’d harbored an existential vacuity that she was incapable of perceiving until it was filled by Mary. Combining the very essences of their corporeal selves to spawn a new sentient was the logical next step (not that logic had anything to do with it). The only hard part had been deciding on a name, but even that was stimulating in it’s own way.

They’ve already started a photo album and memory book.

As her home life has gently prospered, her professional endeavors have picked up considerable steam. Her intuition tells her that the question of Sandfish sentience has not been definitively settled, even though conventional tests of intelligence have all come back negative.

The results of her own research have to date remained tantalizingly inconclusive, but the clues are too strong to be coincidence: the uncanny enzymatic diversity of Sandfish bodily fluids; the dizzying structural complexity of a novel class of molecules she’s started thinking of as organic hyper-polypeptides, that can nonetheless somehow cross the blood-brain barrier; all that coupled with an astonishingly high viral load. It reminds her of certain symbiotic relationships found in…

Suffice it to say that Jean-Rhys feels certain that she’s on the edge of a major breakthrough. She just needs to push a little harder, to think a little deeper and follow this line of inquiry wherever it leads. To that end, she’s begun personally funding some of her more esoteric experiments, and is seeking to hire a research assistant to conduct literature surveys and go spelunking down the interdisciplinary rabbit holes that might otherwise slow Jean-Rhys’s progress.

Child Talulah Bean Marrienne Westingham-Flowers, Space Human

Legacy 5 "Make an astounding academic discovery"

Hire Scholar
Hire Nanny

Wager Don Mondo 99

Child Euphrosynia Astraluna Milkthistle Ponsonby-Britt, Space Human

Commission Lieutenant Space Hussars

Legacy 1 “Advocate better education and employment opportunities for Citizen-Pretenders”

Wager What Goes Around 25

very verbose version…


Turn 11 orders begin below at a future date.


Fire Nanny
Prepare 3 Defense
Loan @hadley 100
Wager 30 Kraken Good




Child Oscar Mayer Franksenketchup, Space Human
Prepare 5 Offense
Fire Physician


Hm, this curse isn’t so bad. I think @Eighth rather enjoys my new look.

Prepare 2 Offense
Wager 100 Turbulent Priest


hubba hubba baby!


Prepare 6 Defense


Prepare 2 Defense (sic)
Child Panspermia Riboflavin Brummell (a spare for the heir) space moose




Whatever Weather, Be One of Us

The Weatherby Space Hussars, in conjunction with Weatherby Space Dragoons, in coordination with the United Federation of Oceans and Seas (UFOS) are seeking enrollments in: The Civilian Defense (CD) Individual Service Option (ISO).

Participation in the CD-ISO option may boost the chances of any Citizen Pretender pursuing any Ranks and Privileges historically reserved for True Citizens.

Individual enrollment in the CD-ISO option is entirely optional. This is not a draft.

Join Now,
Commander William T. Piker

prepare 4 the best defense is a good defence
fire nanny



As an Aldermoose who has a stake in the higher education of our youth I want clarification.

Does the CD-ISO meet the Exacting Legitimate Task Oriented Regimented Individual Training Objectives (El Torito) set out by the Weatherbean Training Fundamentals, Basic Behaviour Quorum (WTFBBQ)


As in accordance with the authority of most feudal jurisdictions of the New Britannia systems, Your Majesty May Vary (YMMV).

Prepare 6 defense


Prepare 4 Defense



Fire Barrister
Prepare 3 Defense


I’m like all in favor of teaching those donks a lesson that are blowing up our cool spaceports. But we have to figure out who’s up to this first! You can’t attack what you can’t see. So we’ll wait for now, but just you watch out. Tom and I will be like a badass power couple with space carbines. You do not want to mess with us!

So rude too. I missed my monthly bean subscription sampler. Glob I was so looking forward to trying new varieties! It’s my job to keep that parlor entertained!

I’ll ask our wizenly treeish Nanny to help entertain the guests. Maybe a bit of levitation, a hex that will wear off in a day, oh and of course I’ll prepare a freshly prepared bean pie! Why who knows what talk we’ll hear in the process. Maybe we’ll find a bit more about who’s been littering with these globbing explosives around Weatherby. Certainly, if folks talk we can beef up the security around our vulnerable infrastructure.


Prepare 2 Defense
Rent Fashionable apartment
Hire Nanny (Keep current one)