Sorry, an error has occurred

If it helps, I’m sorry too! I get the “Sorry, an error has occurred” message shortly after I like a post.

ETA: More information regarding the error. The “like” does not appear after the “Sorry, an error has occurred message” with the OK box.

I attempted to like the following post Our so-called president

Shortly thereafter (a minute maybe?) the error message appeared, and the like heart was no longer red. It had reverted to its pre-like gray color.


Can you post a screenshot?


Apparently I cannot. The image I captured appears below, and does not show the message, “Sorry, an error has occurred” and also had a blue box to click OK.

I don’t know if it would be at all related (and I apologize if it’s an unrelated derail), but I’ve noticed that in the last two days, both here and in “the other place” I’m getting a lot of interface lag in my browser. It’s happening on two different computers running Firefox, and it’s only when the tabs with these two boards have focus… it impacts everything from clicking on the site’s UI to trying to switch tabs or windows.

I don’t think there were any Firefox updates that recently, but according to github it looks like there was a Discourse release within that time window. Did this site get updated, and is anyone else seeing that problem?

I haven’t updated recently, certainly not within that time frame.

I haven’t noticed any issues and have multiple Discourse tabs open in FF.

Hm, ok, thanks. I’ll keep looking for a cause. It’s really been driving me nuts, and makes replying a huge pain because it can take up to a minute just to open the text area, and typing is still laggy even in there.

I’ll check through my addons for anything that might impact it.

[Edit] So, I’m still verifying, but at this point it looks like Ghostery is what was causing the results I was seeing. That’s disappointing. Sorry for distracting the thread.