Suggestions for Blogging Contributions

I’m a little sleep-deprived, so forgive my digressions.

As discussed in the User Base Growth thread, content is key. New, fresh, and diverse content. Think weird, think wonderful, think outside the box - every new thread can be good practice or even an alternative to the blog (when it gets set up). I’m inclined to toss my experimental and half-baked ramblings onto the BBS and save polished submissions for the blarg.

Be weird
What you may consider obscure could be somebody else’s obsession. The weirder the better. My posts as of late have been the textual equivalent of Goat Simulator: covering wacky things in a whimsical, unedited manner.

Be informative
Introduce concepts to a wider audience. Find an underappreciated Japenese violinist trapeze artist act? Maybe you can dish out some background on the history of musical acrobatics in your feature post. Whatever you’re writing about, try to do it with the goal of teaching a new fact to today’s lucky 10,000.

Get sleep
Don’t stay up all night posting… or you’ll have no energy to do it in the morning. Make sure to get enough sleep to keep you going. (Wait, this section doesn’t belong. I think I should probably remove this part from the poszzzzzzttzzzzzzz


Do we really need to tell the folks here to be weird? :upside_down:


(but yes, content good. Whatever the blogging front end will look like (however that’s now being decided. :slight_smile:), content is good.)

More grist to our (collective) mill!


Next week, I’m about to do a set of content for my yoga community for Pride Month. I want to do a blog post about why I am an open ally now. It’s not all that weird but I think important for people to understand why they need to speak up on behalf of LGBT friends and show you are a safe person. I’d be interested in doing a blog post here about this.