Blogging Ideas

Nope. Me too! :grin:


Looking at a lot of blog posts over at BB and the Gizmodo family I’d like to suggest an editor or ten.

Or at least someone who knows how to open Wikipedia.


I can help with the editing


Would you consider splitting this discussion into its own topic? There may be people that aren’t interested in growing the user base, but may be interested in blogging.



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It’s also worth mentioning that this topic has been covered somewhat before:

It was pretty short, but I wanted to link both of these.


I can offer up shortish reviews of B and other cult cinema.

ETA Both the good and the bad.


I’m also available for peer-review/editing; as well as I can, anyway.


I could probably cordwain something together vaguely related to film, or other arts.


What if we were to create a YouTube Channel? It’s the fastest way to get content up and it’d give us visibility on another social media site so we could draw in some new people. Plus it’s free to set up so avoids financial issues.


I don’t mean to be a dick but the last place on the internet that I would go looking for new traffic to this site is YouTube.


I get that. It’s just so easy to set it up. but youtube comments. sigh


There are people who have good YouTube communities. The VLog Brothers and How to Cook That are two I k now of. I think it’s all about the moderation and some about the topics you post about.


I think your impulse is definitely worth putting on the, err, idea board so to speak.

From a proposal perspective, moderation is just something to put in the Challenges section. YouTube lets you add moderators to your comment sections. (Sorry in advance. One of my cats decided I needed snuggles. I might be a bit more disjointed and non-sequitury than usual. He’s being really cute but he’s sitting on one of my hands. :heart_eyes_cat: )

Draft for Youtube challenges: moderation.

YouTube comments are a wretched hive of villainy. This poses a challenge to our ability to grow a healthy community through the use of a YouTube channel.

We can mitigate this challenge by adding trusted members of our Elsewhere community to the Comment Moderation feature on our channel.

The YouTube moderation team would be encouraged to actively model healthy communication but they would also be empowered to take action to remove comments that:

  • Violate our community’s anti-harassment policy (Eve’s note: Do we have our own anti-harassment policy or are we on a copy-pasta right now?)
  • Constitute bigotry
  • Are excessively destructive

In cases that are borderline, moderators would be encouraged to remind the offending party of our policy.

(Folks can build on this, edit it, toss it to the side in favor of something else, etc.)


What’s the content? Is it just stuff from other people or is it our own content?

Personally I loathe YouTube. There may be some good stuff in there, but it’s hard to find in the terabytes of absolute crap.


It’d be ours. Part of the reason I’m proposing this is that social media as a whole is moving to video.

God I hate that.

No. Just, no.

I listen to music at work, basically to drown out all the background noise. I can’t really focus on videos with speech (such as books on tape, news, etc.) because it’s too much sensory overload and because it defeats the purpose of drowning out background noise. Besides, I don’t think it’s fair to our audience to have to wade through several minutes of filler material, ukuleles and xylophones, “hey you guys” YouTube Voice ™, just to get to the interesting part.

It’s also way easier to write stuff down than to produce a video. Not to mention that we should probably assume our audience is smart enough to read, and not stupid teenagers that need to be entertained 25/8.

I think we have enough content and enough active contributors to make a blog, but we need the discipline to set it up and format it properly.


Word on the street in the Facebook entrepreneur groups is that Facebook Live is just the beginning and that they are focusing on new ways to add more video as a corporate strategy. Every good Facebook page/group leader knows that videos get more eyeballs on them, in part because Facebook is actively promoting video.

I don’t do the Book Of Face, and there are business reasons why I don’t. Long story short, I don’t want people knowing too much about what I do for a living in meatspace. I can’t abide the whole concept of having to be on Book Of Face, where I have to disclose my real identity and things about myself that I’d rather not share with the whole world.

Of course videos get more eyeballs on the page. They’re just not the right kinds of eyeballs. They’re stupid kid eyeballs, which are incredibly fickle because as soon as you stop entertaining them, they’ll move on to some other monkey who will dance for them. Going after a more targeted base, who is genuinely interested in our content and in our community, would probably work out better for us.


Depends on who our base is.