The Nazification of America

But more than that, it doesn’t work, because it’s not actually a sexual problem. Castrated ex-cons have used physical objects instead. The crime is wanting to have power and terrorize someone, not sexual release.


Good point.

What a cunt.

I still think it started when the GOP started sleeping with the fundie Christians.


So it passed. Damn.

The Christian Right really doesn’t get the separation of church and state, do they? Maybe they should go to Vatican City…oh wait, it’s filled with Roman Catholics!

And as we all know, Mike Johnson is from that state, same one that produced David Duke.

Why does New Orleans have to be in such a shittily-run state?


“If you want to respect the rule of law,” he said, “you’ve got to start from the original law giver, which was Moses.”

I’m always amazed at these people who somehow claim that the 10 commandments are “the basis for western law” and so forth. I’ve actually had an argument with my dad once when he was claiming that exact thing.

As far as I’m concerned, the commandments fall into three baskets:

  1. Things that make you go “Duh”. No killing, no stealing… it’s obvious that these things are bad when they’re done to you, but it’s also really difficult to say that without also saying they’re bad when done to other people. No need for supernatural tablets to pass these on as morals, and they’ve existed well before the 10 commandments in other civilization’s codes.
  2. Things that make you go “Meh”. Honor thy father and mother, not bearing false witness… things that might be bad, but in most cases they aren’t even important enough to encode into law.
  3. Things that make you go 1st amendment violation. No other gods, the sabbath, etc.

And it’s really telling that the very first one is very clearly a 1st Amendment violation.


… pauxpulism? :thinking:


So is he suggesting that Moses had a time machine and went back in time to teach laws to the ancient Mesopotamians? Or is he suggesting that the ancient Mesopotamian rulers are all people from the future with time machines who traveled back there to become kings?

Either way, I certainly don’t think our modern laws should be based on a foundation of some wacky conspiracy theory about ancient time travel.

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