Time out from the other place

Got a time out for “attacking another user” who attacked me…


I’m sure everyone says this, but I don’t find it particular fair, given it was a direct attack on me that questioned if I was posting in good faith by calling me a Russian spy (by a poster who has a history of questionable posting of their own). But hey… women should always be polite and not defend ourselves, right? Why not hold us to a higher standard and let men regularly and routinely get away with shit like that…


At least us cool kids have a backup.

And, yes, that is a problem with the “trying to be even-handed” approach: not recognizing when your own privilege (in Ken’s case, being a man with some authority) leaves you blind to the fact that you’re being anything but, due to the weighting from other factors.


It’s cool to be considered a cool kid! :grinning:

Gonna be pissed off for a minute, though. But you lot make it better.


If I didn’t think it would earn me a permaban, I would suggest spamming Ken with the She shanty. :smiling_imp:



Yeah, but don’t. He’s made other decisions that I’ve found questionable, but in general, I like to think he’s trying his best in a tough job.


You are very kind.

As you can probably see from my other threads here, I am having my own frustrations dealing with people who have decided that despite me being the SME, with years more experience and actual understanding of my job, certain others are convinced they know it better. Including making up their own definitions of things that have a very specific meaning.

It’s not being helped that when the “nicer”, person who hasn’t been ignored and talked over says exact what I have been saying, suddenly they’re all “oh, sorry.”

So, I see where your frustrations arise. Because you get it worse than me, on more fronts. It all stems from people who expect management of their feelings, but feel no need for reciprocation.

I will say this: I wouldn’t be where I am today, being able to at least recognize how systems perpetuate injustices, including racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, religious hatred, etc. without you and people like you making it clear and understandable. On even a personal level, that means not buying into the sexism and ableism that have actually affected my life, while recognizing how much my privilege has shielded me from some of those consequences. It’s helped me learn to stand up and push back in the right places.

You do good work.


True… I didn’t see the exchange, but I trust you to know when a pointed retort is appropriate (and unlike Ken, I think there are times when it is appropriate to tell someone off.)

Some of us back at TOS are hoping to catch Ken’s ear and get you reinstated sooner, but I don’t know if it will work.


That means a lot. Thank you. I certainly try to do so, as I think if you’re in the business of educating anyone that should be a key goal… I’m really glad I’ve got something worthwhile to offer you and others.

It was the jrkwhatever guy (Gracchus calls him a possible Russian supporting individual). He called me Maria Butina after me making a comment about the US being problematic with regards to how we work to get people to spy for us (it’s the thread about Iranian guy who the FBI tried to recruit). So I told him to fuck off and stop reading Prager U for his understanding of US foreign policy. I think he’s a sometimes problem that has flown under the radar because he doesn’t regularly post.

We’ll see. He seems willing to give under the radar trolls the benefit of the doubt sometimes and not regulars. I know he has a tough job, but apparently, some people get more slack than others. I’m sure the regular crowd of bad faith bears are positively over the moon cause they got someone they see as the enemy in trouble.

Anyways, both of you, tell everyone I said hello from exile! :laughing: :pensive: :cry:


You’re way too nice. I think he’s the wrong person in the wrong job. He let his boss force him into an impossible job that he’s not well-suited for. Sorry, I realize that’s harsh, but mistakes were made and he made one of them. I hope he’s being well paid.


You think so? Can you tell me what makes you believe that? Is there some specific incident in mind?

I don’t know. It is an overwhelming job, though and he shouldn’t be doing it by himself. Seems like letting some leaders have greater moderation powers would help.


Ken’s fair to a fault-- and yes, sometimes it is a fault. But overall I think that fairness is usually more of a benefit than a drawback, and he’s truly dedicated to the community.

What is needed is a “bad cop” to his “good cop,” or even a few paid part-time moderators to even out the load. (And yes, I’d throw my hat in the ring if that opened up.) Unfortunately, we’ve been told that there’s no money for more mods, and due to security issues, mods would have to be employees. Without that, I worry Ken will burn out… and I suspect if Ken left, Happy Fun Ball would be happy to shut down the BBS.


Some of that could be coming from higher up, considering the whole “the tone is scaring away the advertisers” stuff that got focused on the regulars back in the day.


Could be. Apparently gendered attacks are a-okay in that case…


Hello back!


I can see the superb owl in the tree…


That suspension is not Cool™️.

Some people need to loudly and swiftly told off in no uncertain terms and that guy is definitely one of them.

Sorry you got suspended.

Communities require active effort to shape. Not really clear what type of community the powers that be want, and that reflects in the way the wolf is so overworked that reactive last-punch-thrower-gets-timeout is all the toolkit consists of now.


Well, the case in point is a pretty good argument. It’s been awhile since I had any issues there. I left for quite a while, but I value people like Brainspore and Papasan that I don’t see anywhere else. The last time I got modded there was a similar issue. I was polite but dismissive of a political troll, and that got me a brief break.


Not that it’s really relevant, but my wife just got first a 7 day, then 30 day suspension from Facebook. She does tend to be a little blunt when dealing with trolls. But some people need that.


I don’t know why, but this came to mind.


Good on you, Auntie Em!

Man. It’s been ages since I’ve seen that movie… Used to watch it every year when it came on TV, maybe around Easter?