User Suspension: Fintastic (And Fintastistic's alt accounts)

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User: Fintastic and their alternate accounts have been suspended.

User Fintastic went off on @nimelennar, using multiple dormant stunt accounts in a bewildering display that alarmed the community.

I realize that we did not have a process established for delineating stunt accounts, nor did we have a proper #games category for many years.


This does not excuse attacking a user, and using multiple accounts to do so.

I would like to make clear that we welcome stunt accounts, but all stunt accounts should follow the guidelines for stunt accounts. And please keep in mind that yes, the Prime/Main account of a user or their stunt/alt accounts will be suspended in the event that the user behind the account breaks community guidelines.

Community: your input is welcomed.

How long should this suspension last?

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  • 72 hours
  • 1 Week
  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months

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I want to say that yes, games are cool, but maybe next time:

consider notifying @staff, via PM, ahead of time. do not guerilla announce games. definitely do not “guerilla announce” by attacking users, and definitely do not do it with your multiple accounts.

games are not fun unless they are fun for everyone.

i am having the longest month of my life right now, please: let me at least not have to be the forum adult.


I’m not going to weigh in on the main suspension, as I’m way too close to this to offer any sort of objective judgement.

However, may I request that, whatever the end result is for the main account and the genuine rp accounts, that @Steph (an account created in clear bad faith) stay permabanned, and be taken off the list of badass accounts?


I recently saw some things pop up that looked suspicious re: multiple accounts or combination of accounts that had been gone for a long time with brand new ones, but what I saw seemed innocuous and I missed the actual controversial part so I can’t in good faith vote because I don’t really know what happened.

I can say that attacks really aren’t appropriate even in games, especially in games actually, because those usually have built-in conflict-resolution mechanics. But as stated, I don’t know what happened from either side, so I have to recuse myself.


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