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I get this error, for some reason, when trying to flag my topic for moderation. Maybe because I already flagged my initial post for deletion. It is against my policies to flag users for content which is neither spam nor abuse. The discussion there might be worth having, but all posts save two are drastically off-topic.

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We don’t have mods or rules yet, so whats the matter if the thread didn’t go where you wanted? Everyone else seems to be enjoying the thread. Why delete or flag it?


The responses are way off topic from what you obviously intended but note that this happened based on an alternative interpretation if “social conditioning.”

This is an important point. If you feel these kind of derails are inappropriate, which I personally believe, then you need to avoid causing them.

If you insist on your right to take topics off course from the intent of the OP then you have no grounds to complain here.

You might accuse others of hypocrisy here but note that this group will apologize for derailing in most cases, an exception for unapologetic derailers may not actually constitute hypocrisy here.


I asked for the TV discussion to be forked off on its own.

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Very well said!


An alternative interpretation would suggest that there was a main interpretation.

That’s a big “if”. The only posts I have had flagged on here were in a topic about issues of sexual consent of minors, and my posts which were flagged were about… issues of sexual consent of minors. It’s not like I went on a digression about nutrition, or jet planes, or some completely tangential thing. Was I, or was I not, actually discussing the same matters as put forth in the OP?

Sometimes I admittedly do drift a bit off topic. But ironically, those instances are never flagged. Instead it seems a lot more like they get flagged because people just didn’t like what I said about that actual topic. Or flag me for answering their own questions! One user decided that my comments were obvious trolling and lies because I joked with them about who they were replying to.

At least with my topic I did try making an effort to define its scope. Instead of making a blurb about some current event and being annoyed when somebody found different relevance in it that I did.

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From an outside perspective, the posts that you feel are on topic to various threads seem to others to be as off topic as these.

They are about how they developed morality as kids. TV plays a big role in learning social rules.

That is as close to on topic as consent to be governed is to statutory rape.


If a person is eventually mature enough to consent or refuse sex, then how mature does one need to be to consent or refuse governance? I pointed out that conditioning a person to be in custody of another rather than being trusted to make the important decisions of their lives could be interpreted as normalizing life under the authority of The State. Is it a complete coincidence that some call this “paternalism”?

I can accept that you maybe find the main models of consent more or less unrelated, but I illustrated a parallel between them which you or others can take or leave. Despite some beneficial results, such protections can have other less-obvious consequences.

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Yes exactly, you see more connection there than most, but then what room do you have to insist that children’s TV is not the most relevant source of social conditioning.


Maybe, but I would not know until I tried talking with them about it.

I did say that I was interested in discussing the process rather than the content. Either in how the process is implemented, or how they internalize it. But I guess it is something.

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I know they don’t have it over on bb, but can we get a way to squelch individual users over here?


Ok, but then can you see why, when people make a post that focuses on detail and content, that bringing up process and really big picture issues is derailing.

It is exactly the issue here to consider the context of the post.


And just for context, I would have found honest answers​ to your question more interesting than the TV derail.

I feel that you could have small but interesting discussions with a handful of members on some of these topics. They could be extremely interesting.

But you would have to try to derail other topics less to get some trust that the discussion is in good faith.


It seems to me that while the social conditioning thread didn’t go where you wanted it to go, it evolved in a very enlightening and interesting direction, with many members discussing the things that conditioned and informed their social upbringing.

I find it offensive that you’d want to delete that thread, honestly.


But I never indicated anywhere that I intended for it to be deleted. Did you read this topic? I said that I asked for it to be forked. Forking is not deletion.

Whew! What are we talking about? I’m exhausted from moshing to that chamber music.


I saw this in the opening of this thread:

And thought that when you said “flagged for deletion” you had meant flagged for deletion. Sorry for my confusion!


Words! How do they work!?


And MY POST is not THE TOPIC. Deleting my post and deleting the topic are not the same thing. FFS…

I think that is a question worthy of consideration.

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Yes, for fuck’s sake, indeed.

I apologize for my utter ignorance. Clearly, I am the moron.