Canadian Conservative Stupidity

So apparently anti-immigrant “Conservative” facebook groups and pages are huge in Canada (among the stupid set of the population, mainly Conservative/Libertarian douchebros).

This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen. I’m reposting it here for posterity:

These people are so not based in logic, they’re not even wrong because they exist in a world where everything is simultaneously both true and untrue. Schrodinger’s Conservative: a person so stupid they’ll believe and repost anything as long as they feel it triggers LIEBERALS.

(Canada’s flag wasn’t a Maple Leaf until Lester B Pearson, and it had a Centennial design on government communication in 1967 - The Canada 150 design is actually drawn from the '67 Centennial design!)

This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day, what about you?


With your permission, I want to use that.

As for the dumbest thing…well I did see a picture of Jared Kurshner so i might have beat you…


Well, the designer of the '67 flag certainly thought so. It was the winning entry of a student design competition, however.

I suspect that it’s the rainbow colours that do it for the mouth-breathers - teh Gayz and their Agenda, right? (Never mind that the '67 flag was equally rainbow…) And, let’s see… Yeah, the last war where our soldiers might be said to be defending the country (if you posit unchecked Communist expansion, which is a bit dubious in itself) was Korea. If I recall correctly, there was this funny flag with a red field, a coat of arms in the centre, and a Union Jack in the upper left corner… A Red Ensign, was it called?

<sigh> I miss real small-“c” conservatives, like the ones we used to call Red Tories. Since Reform took over, we’ve got a bunch of reactionaries who froth at the mouth when they aren’t standing there slack-jawed - the kinds of idiots who use “that” when they mean “who”…


This is what I have trouble explaining to my parents, especially my dad: today’s Conservative Party is not the Progressive-Conservative party you spent your life voting for. Hell, they’re not even Preston Manning’s Reform Party. These guys want to dismantle everything you’ve ever stood for.


Well, it used to be the party that gave us some very decent pols - Bob Stanfield, Joe Clark, Flora MacDonald… and it’s telling just who didn’t show up for the latter’s funeral.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, Canada! Back off!
Blind veneration of a flag as a litmus test of patriotism is our* thing!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought conservative Canadiuns were obsessed with this flag.

(* 'Merca)


Which is quite the point.

I grew up in a Tory riding, though I’ve never voted that way. Let me try and channel a reaction:

Something something what have the British ever done for us? ??? Something something…


BTW, Canadian Conservatives have been obsessively pro-American since the 19th century. Like, to the point where I’ve seen it make visiting Americans uncomfortable.


Well, maybe (that’s the Red Ensign I mentioned), but they lost that battle 50 years ago. I’ll admit I still fancy Dominion Day (which was changed by law to Canada Day) and the Dominion of Canada (which never has been revoked, surprisingly enough), and I’m pretty far to the Left, but that’s nostalgia, I think…

We have flag-waving yahoos too, unfortunately. This showed up in my FB feed today, and at least the first part is appropriate:

Some. Red Tories tended to be very wary of American designs on our economy. Flora MacDonald, for instance, quit the Cabinet when she lost the Free Trade argument with Mulroney.


That’s certainly the flag they fought hard to keep under Diefenbaker, going so far as to filibuster for weeks against the maple leaf. Which means @tinoesroho’s picture doesn’t even capture all the irony – on the thenewconservativemovement facebook group, it appears right under this:

Is it still on-topic to answer this? It almost feels like cheating to mention Answers in Genesis…but I did see something of theirs mentioned today. A novel exploring the pre-flood world. The cover would count as pretty awesome if it wasn’t meant seriously, but considering the source, it qualifies hands down:


The goggles, they do nothing!


Is it wrong that I really, really want to read that?


Not at all: “Know thy enemy” and all. Just bear in mind that brain cramps from trying to follow the “logic” are at least as likely as giggles. :wink:


I’m just disappointed it’s not a Chuck Tingle joint.


Our Canadian jealousy of our neighbours to the south and desire to be America Lite is a pretty old thing. They get a Reagan, we get ourselves a Mulroney. They get a sax-playing Clinton, we get ourselves a skateboarding Chretien. They get a Bush, we go Harper. A charming Obama? Professional handsome man Trudeau.

I’m terrified of what our Trump is going to be. They’ll probably have to reanimate Rob Ford’s corpse.


Canadian militarism in action:



Don’t misunderestimate this guy.

“In 2019 in Canada, we’re not going to have an election, we’re going to have an exorcism. I’m going to unwind everything he [Justin Trudeau] did, he’s a disaster.”


Why can’t there be some Pasty Paunchy Papas Paradise we can exile these cretins the world over to as a quarantine base?

From the article: "But O’Leary does not speak French. " Bonne chance avec cela.


Sadly Wisconsin still gets to vote.

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I’m aware of that walking hunk of shit.

I wish I wasn’t. But I’m pretty much certain we’re looking at the next Conservative leader.

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Does “Shark Tank” show up in Canada?