[In-dev] New Themes: Aethertones and Retro

1 January 2018: New Themes (in development)!

I’m happy to unveil two new themes - Aethertones, and Retro.

Some changes make occur to these themes. We appreciate any and all feedback.

(Unless something goes critically wrong on these themes, no changes are slated for this coming week. I’m off to go drink!)

These two join Earthtones as our unique, community-developed themes.

To change your theme, access your control panel by clicking on your avatar in the top right. Then click Preferences. From there, you can choose whether to change for all devices or just the current one.


Oh, man, I didn’t get you anything for Christmas!

These rock! Changed my theme to Aethertones because it seems easier to read but I really enjoyed the look of Retro a lot. I’ll change it when I read the Olds go Nostalgic thread.


New feature: thread-specific themes.

(what I meant was thread-by-thread setting of themes by each user)


I just had to push out one last change before the new year (22:26 at time of writing!)… I really like how it turned out.

31 December 2017


  • changed background to dark green, providing heightened contrast

I’ll try the Retro for a while.

Æthertones was too bright and happy for my taste. My one concern was the spelling as Æther should always be spelled with the æsc. But that could be my steampunk background coming out again.


I like Aethertones. I almost like Retro too, which surprises me given I really don’t tend to use light-on-dark for anything if I can help it, except on my Kindle when reading in the dark.