[In Alpha] New Theme: Earthtones

Introducing: Earthtones
Industrial Coffee Action

Earthtones is an unfinished, but usable theme designed for use outdoors (on mobile) and for high contrast. After around 20 iterations so far, this is what it looks like.

Your feedback drives the development of this theme. You can opt into it here to try it out today. Drop your feedback in this topic. What does it do right? How does it feel? What should be changed?


  • Setting per-theme logo and favicons required CSS and mucking around with header templates for the theme.
  • Logo subject to change pending finalized design from the arts department.
  • Logo by ChickieD. Favicon (mobile) by cleveremi.

I’m checking it out now, on a Samsung Galaxy s4, Lollipop, stock browser with Adguard Content Blocker.

It looks great! :rofl:

It took a minute or two for the Elsewhere Cafe logo to load, but that’s most likely a caching issue on my phone. I’ve had those on BBS before.

I’ll try it out in sunlight tomorrow, the sun’s down here. But it looks really great so far!


I am not even getting a clickable area for return to the top of the forum on my desktop.

ETA otherwise it looks nice.

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Oh dear. I’m not sure what’s up with the image caching. It should have the logo, not quite sure why it’s behaving that way. Maybe @LockeCJ has an idea?


Note for the confused: in the “opt in” link above you have to substitute your own user name. :laughing:


This is happening consistently for me…no header at the top and when I click the space where it should be, I don’t get the functionality of jumping up to the topic lists like I do in the regular theme.

I haven’t used this as intended in the bright lights, so it’s kind of wacking me out in regular light.
I’ll switch to it outside sometime and see how it feels.


I think that’s a result of the logo replacement technique. There may be a better method; I’ll see if I can fix it Wednesday night. shrug

Browsers I’ve tested with are Chrome (Android) and Firefox 55(Windows).

Alright, I think the new method will work best. Using JavaScript to change the image SRC for the logo.

Slapped into the </head>


yes, yes, I know, abusing onscroll. it’s not like it doesn’t do that already.

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That’s Chrome FYI.


New images pushed - a thin line has been added (barely visible) and a higher-res version of the E orb has replaced the existing one. These changes should roll out in the next few minutes.

Changed the code to be a little more maintainable.

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I do like the E, but the line is invisible on my Android. Maybe a heavier weight?



I’m noticing a lot of lag on mobile, to the point I had to switch off it (which is a shame, because I like the colour scheme).

FF for Android, about all I’m running is uBlock origin and HTTPS everywhere. The lag isn’t there with the default version.


Ah. The JavaScript code runs with onscroll events. Short of hard-forking the Discourse codebase I couldn’t find any other method. Pity.


Replying to note that we’ve rolled out mute features to this theme, using code from this repo:


  • stored as localstorage - mutes don’t carry across device
  • doesn’t hide poster name (will fix soon)


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Bumping to note the change to svg logos! (These scale nicely and save us a lot of bandwidth - down to 2.06kb from 4.86kb, a reduction of 42%).



I suspect something went… Hinky with the CSS. Probably some nonsense to do with post images being set to 100% width. Was able to replicate issue, will fix in morning.

Fixed. (Turns out I’d set all images to scale, rather than pixel widths, so I added a new rule to exclude avatars)


Can I suggest æthertones as the next theme? :wink:

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I imagine it would end up looking like a lighter shade of default dark (to distinguish from a future aquatone)… :wink:

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Patch Notes - 30 November 2017


  • increased Edit glyph priority
    should be always visible now
  • ems everywhere, rather than fixed-pixel sizes
    avatars should now scale nicely to DPI


  • Rolled out the PNG-based Mute Script update
    viewable, even with webfonts disabled
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I went into the Users page to see if I was anywhere near making Regular, and this is damn near impossible to read:


Acknowledged. Will have it fixed Sunday. I apologize for not catching it sooner.