Logo Mockups Thread


I feel like if it’s going to be a coffee cup viewed from the side, and the snowglobe thing is abandoned (which I agree with) it needs a flat top. Otherwise it’s a circle with a handle and a saucer :slight_smile:


To quote Mikhail Gorbachev when the workers at a factory asked him who would run it now Communism was over, "If not you then who?"
If you don’t want to that’s entirely your call, see my observations above. The labourer is worthy of his hire. The grey area is when the labourer gets to decide his (or her) rate.


I enjoy doing logo work and don’t get to do it much.

I’m going to let this comment thread be open a little bit longer to get more ideas on how to improve this idea and then I’ll get to work.


Hopefully we’re not abandoning @tachin1’s concept.


That is totally a chai latte


Nah, it’s a hot cocoa. With one big spherical marshmallow!

All things to all people, y’know.


Well, there goes my idea for an orange owl being crushed with a jackhammer.


It’s a nice thought, but I’d honestly rather concentrate on making this our own place. :wink: :house:


There is still room in the manifesto!


That could be a secret logo found in an Easter Egg location, though.


Or, alternatively, Jill sitting at a café table, enjoying a nice hot bevvie, jackhammer leaning against the table edge.


That’s a brilliant image. :+1:


We’re gonna need some way to Easter Egg some stuff, because these are brilliant.


With appropriate permission, we could do T-Shirts or other merchandise.

Without permission, we’re just poking at a (proverbial) bear.



My family friend may have some ideas about how far one can take parody.



Fair(Use) enough.


Poking the owlbear?


So, another former (still technically alive but updated periannually at this point) site that I used to visit had I think 4 hosts. And they had contests to design headers and logos, which rotated from time to time but always featured the site name in the same font and size more or less. Color, texture, positive or negative space were all variables. And the banners were on a theme, but basically 10 or 15 would get thrown into a rotating banner bucket and when the homepage loaded you’d get a random one. Some came and went, often in batches on a theme or riff. There wasn’t really voting, as long as it wasn’t hurty or mean they’d probably use it for a while.


I like this idea, but I’m not sure how to implement it in Discourse/Ghost.