Moderation Decisions


If so, I hope there’s some suntext lotion available. Textburn leads to some really odd tan lines, and sometimes rather embarrassing…


@ChickieD @LockeCJ

Would it be possible to move the more serious discussion in the “random grins” thread about the asylum reasons into a separate thread, assuming @Wanderfound agrees?

It’s lead to some discussion that’s a bit grim (including from me, sorry).


Will look into; agree it’s getting dark for Random Grins


Cleanup done, moved it all into the Crazytown Thread


Good call! Perfect place for it.


So, time for some Moderation I suppose.


What is the point of bringing this here - are you flagging/notflagging my post for some reason, or are you suggesting that we need to accelerate the process of developing community guidelines so that we can know what the standards are?


You flagged the thread if not for mod attention then why?
This is the thread for moderation discussions, why not bring it here?


I have a major headache, one that is not caused by board happenings. Whilst I wait for the ferry to the land of Nod, a moment, please.

This ties into what @ChickieD has been exploring, but there is indeed a biological basis for differences in behaviour. It’s not strongly tied to gender, nor to class. I’m speaking of course, about moral matrices and moral languages.

(The You Are Not So Smart podcast has covered this in some fascinating recent broadcasts)

Take, for example, Hobbes and Luther: Hobbes believes it was absolutely wrong to lie for any reason, whereas Luther believed lies could be beneficial and even employed in evangelising.

(For the record, I really admire my male coworker’s eyes and hair - I think he’s missed his calling as a model)

@staff will be able to sort this out. I just wanted to put in my bit and explain my reasoning on the existence of the thread in question:

I am content for the continuation of MO because:

  • Chris Hemsworth has fantastic abs
  • I am not in a place of power, nor in a place to create a hostile work environment for the men featured in the thread, nor are the participants
  • see point 1
  • Yes, I feel this is an appropriate environment to do this - it’s a hobby board

… That’s just my opinion, though.


I flagged the thread, you brought this here without flagging, and you brought my post, not the OP by @Melizmatic. So I read this as you were putting my comments up to moderation, not the Male Objectification thread. Or am I misinterpreting your comment?


Something needs to get moderated. Either the entire thread (not bloody likely) or your comments pooping in the punch bowl. Would you take that bet?


Bringing the fight and personal attacks here isn’t appropriate.


Then don’t do that


Then how is it going to work exactly? You’ve been reported here for disrupting the other thread, you brought a fight here with @Melizmatic, and when @LearnedCoward pointed out (quite rightly) no one was objecting to the Male Objectification thread, not least because it had been dormant for weeks before you decided to muck with it, all of a sudden it’s “personal attacks”.

The reaction to the thread’s unexpected revival has been positive – except from you.

So. Sincerely asking. How do you expect this to work? Because we’ve tried logic and analogy and concrete examples, and they all just seem to bounce off you.


@Melizmatic @LearnedCoward @KeisterButton
@MalevolentPixy @MissyPants @mindysan33 … and others

You know, I don’t have time for you toxic people. You win, I’m out. This isn’t the place I had hoped it would be. I’m disappointed, but not surprised.


Third party thoughts;

I think they have a point about there being a need for a cheesecake thread (that’s the point, right?) but given the history of the portrayal of women the line between the sexy and the pornographic is pretty thin and easy to step over.

There’s also the idea that you don’t get to choose how and when someone gets offended.

Then there’s the idea that it seems like everyone else was cool with it but no one thought to ask the rest of the community if this is actually true.

Also, everyone on this board will hop on the drama llama like uber started offering free rides. Then they will speak poorly of the other’s llama. Me too, but it needs recognizing.

To sum up my position: I should have hired a model back when I was employed and could afford it.


Wait, it’s still ok to objectify llamas?



Wait, what did @MalevolentPixy ever do to you?



@waetherman is no longer an admin, per his request. He has also requested that his account be deleted. I have not completed that yet, but will do so shortly.


These are good points. (I don’t quite get the reference to the model at the end, but that’s okay. It’s been been a :poop: day and my brains aren’t at their best.)

If there’s a question on whether or not something is appropriate for the Elsewhere Cafe, that can be a good thing. IMHO, we wanted this place to be of, by and for our community, so we should be willing to discuss what that means, what will work and what won’t.

In order to do that, we’re going to need to be open to opposing views, and maybe not so quick to jump on our own drama llamas. (And that includes me, heaven knows I do it too.) That also means we need to be able to articulate why we feel a topic or thread is or isn’t appropriate. With no disrespect, I don’t think “because I feel it’s wrong” is sufficient. I’m willing to entertain a good faith discussion on the subject. Does every thread need to have value to everyone to exist here? Where do we draw the line?

I don’t want this place to be somewhere people don’t feel welcome. I don’t want anyone to feel they have to leave. I’d like the Cafe to be a haven where we can all appreciate each other, in all our differences and opinions. I don’t know how to make that happen, but I’m more than willing to hear suggestions on how to do it.

Other than that, I’m tired, and I’m sad, and my brains are kind of fried. So maybe I should give it a rest and try again tomorrow.