Molesters Being Outed

I’ve caught a couple episodes of the new one with Chris Thile. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not the old PHC. The old one was just the right (or wrong) mix of comforting but cringe inducing dated nostalgia.


Other than the april fools joke shows I think they had pretty much done what they could do when it moved to New York after his two year sabbatical in 1987 and changed the name and featured more variety of music and talent but they bailed on that to go back to the previous formula in 1992 which is pretty much where I would say it died.


“American Radio Company of the Air” or something, yeah, I remember that.

I think I saw an interview from around that time. My impression was Keillor didn’t like being famous. A lot of celebrities don’t. People who are ridiculously successful would like to be able to turn it on and off at will. They don’t want strangers to try to talk to them at the grocery store every day.

But he realized he was only famous in Minnesota. So where could he go where nobody would recognize him and nobody would care anyway?

But then I guess he didn’t like New York either.

A lot of people don’t.


On the other hand, he could have been moving around to avoid the consequences of misbehavior we don’t know about yet :tired_face:


Yep. But if I think of it like that, it’s also racist, misogynistic, religious bigotry.

Much like a lot of nostalgia.


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Depends on who you left behind, and what they were mad about …


…and vice versa.


That sounds like another name for “housewife” - like “domestic engineer”.

Or something on a maintenance person’s badge.


All this religion/holiday talk feels way off topic. Could we move it somewhere else, because it’s detracting from the important business of outed molesters?


I agree and second that request. @staff? Help?


I was all excited to see so many new posts on this thread… and then oddly disappointed that no new molesters had been outed! Which… is weird? LOL - human emotions, what a weird thing.


Thread split complete.

Men (and young men) at work, through the actions of a few (and inaction of many) have created a terrible environment. Chad’s apparently escalated to “accidentally” brushing his hand against asses, Nyx - an older gent - is creepily coming onto young ladies, and nobody has done a thing.

(Yes, documenting would be helpful - but it’s easy for creeps to change jobs and continue problematic behaviour)

… It’s frustrating.

It’s incumbent on me to change the culture of casual sexism and male misbehaviour.

Longer clubhouse post going up tonight.


For the canucks and regional blocking:


May fortune smile upon you. Especially since you work in a place where the staff do tend to be young. The sooner people learn it’s not okay, the better.

(And Chad vandalises keyboards AND grabs asses? That sounds like he just wants to see the world burn. Or at least that his issues are deeper than perhaps previously known.)



More info about the infamous Matt Lauer Door Lock:

It seems it wasn’t installed for him, but predates his moving into that office. He just took advantage of it. Also, it didn’t trap anyone inside, which would be a clearly illegal fire hazard, but rather prevented people from entering.


The creepiest thing I have ever encountered was at a special school. They had contacted me about teaching IT to an autistic child. I told them I no longer had a valid teaching certificate (I left school teaching nearly 40 years ago) but they asked me for an interview at their head office - some distance away. I was unsurprised. Special schools do have the power to override formal teaching qualifications to obtain special skills, and I have enhanced DBS certificates which allow me to work with vulnerable children and adults.
I found myself in a room which had a combination lock on the inside being interviewed by someone who had clearly not read the correspondence, and informed me that I wasn’t qualified for the work. I told them that I had already stated that clearly at point of first contact and subsequently when submitting CV, and could they not read?
To cut a long story including my insisting that they destroy photocopies of my records in my presence, I had to be let out through several combination locked doors.
I presume there was some kind of fire alarm override, but it was horrifyingly obvious how the system could be used for abuse.