Redoubtable Downtown Space Abbey - Public Ledger

By the Sacred Rack of Hottah, this season has been trying.

That…that…damnable Fishery is not turning the profit as it should.

Rockford refuses to be ammenable to polite society. Playing the rogue may work for a time, but who will have him? Any worse and he’ll be mistaken for some hooligan from Cheaptown.


That unfortunate cow over in Cheaptown. They’ve yet to release her name, but what was a young lady doing there and why was she murdered. I’m sure Rumpthwaite knows more, but it would be beneath him to speak such idle gossip with his betters.

Perhaps Rocco can ply him? No, no too obvious. I need another trusted personage in this household to take care of the daily business. Hmmmm…

My word, I’m so far behind they’ve raised the mayor’s requested monies and I’d yet to contribute. Although, looking at my coffers I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. And really, have I seen any Space Moose suffering from this malady? Hmm, good blood and breeding will always show in the end.

I think I need to expand my portfolio. The bonds appear to be safe, but I need to extend my net and I just don’t see that being the best option.

And these invitations. Where is one to find the time? I…I can only do one.

Lagoderms are only good for wagers and croquet is barely better than cavemoose games. Badmitton it is then. I do think I will look smashing in my whites. Should be quite an afternoon. I hope they have those little cucumber sandwiches. So, tasty.

And what are to be this season’s necessities…

Invest 2 350
Attend 2
Buy Subscription to the Weatherby Street Journal
Buy Copperbound Ledger
Hire Butler
Wager Spacebiscuit 20


“Madam! So pleased to see you! Your agent stands ready to carry out your mistress’ wishes… oh! Milady, I… forgive me, I nearly did not recognize you. It’s been some time since you graced the agency with a personal visit…”

“Er… indeed, my good man. Here you are. I do not believe we have forgotten anything…”

“No…? Hmm… well, if you say so, madam. Thank you! Shall I write out a receipt now, or…?”


“Oh. Very well then.”

Invest 2 23
Attend 1
Hire Butler
Rent Fashionable apartment


Invest 2 400 in tin smelters that supply canneries
Attend 2
Buy 150£ Subscription to the Weatherby Street Journal
Buy 25£ Penny Dreadful
Wager 5 Spacebiscuit

Good thing I brought my badminton gear


INVEST 3 404
WAGER 28 Red Heaven
BUY Copperbound Ledger
BUY Subscription to the Weatherby Street Journal
BUY Penny Dreadful
BUY Franklin Gooseberry's Remarkable Colloidal Seryl
HIRE Butler

INVEST 2 175

Very well! Seems about all we can do while those, ahem, negotiations, with the Patent Office continue!

patent office


Orders for ‘Turn 4’ begin below.


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Invest 2 500
Wager Leathermaker 23
Buy Vacation in South Weatherby 150
Buy Fashionable Memoir 65
Buy Patriotic Cloisonné Pin 45


[cough cough]

Dear Public Ledger,

I am feeling so terrible today, maybe it’s, like, time for a retreat away from the city, for all that fresh air and junk. I bought all these tonics and they’re so pretty when I mix them all together. It tastes like I’m licking a tree, but, medicine should taste gross, I guess. I’ll just chase them with some beans.

It’d be much nicer to have one of those delicious cocktails @Rumpthwaite made for us, but he laughed when I asked for the recipe.

Let us hope that aid comes soon.

INVEST 4 850
RENT Spartan Apartment
BUY Fashionable Memoir
BUY Vacation in South Weatherby
BUY Patriotic Cloisonné Pin
BUY Dr. Arbuckles Whipweed Tonic Wine
BUY Ms. Merrimooses Soothing Syrup
BUY Franklin Gooseberrys Remarkable Colloidal Seryl
PAY Tab at the Leviathan Club (100£)
WAGER Rusty Bucket 29

To Whom it may concern:

As Reginald Oblongnoknees Ursulak Nock-nock Dipswitch, VII (@ghoti) seems to have lost his voice, I will be posting his orders for this week’s expenditures.

Invest 3 500
Fire Physician
Buy Dr. Arbuckle’s Whipweed Tonic Wine
Buy Ms. Merrimoose’s Soothing Syrup
Buy Franklin Gooseberry’s Remarkable Colloidal Seryl
Buy Vacation in Souther Weatherby
Buy Fashionable Memoir
Buy Patriotic Cloisonne Pin

I’m sure you will find everything here in order. Please contact me directly should you need clarification of any of the items presented here.


Richard Oomingmak Ticklebot Liversnaps-Grayson


Invest 4 701
Rent Proper Apartment
Buy Patriotic Cloisonné Pin
Buy Fashionable Memoir


Use your intuitive play
Cause maybe we have more play time than money
Maximum big surprise you know something new
I tie on my cravat and pray,
We’re sacred and bound to suffer this heatwave
Tie on my cravat and pray we’re coming up on re-election day

Invest 3 500
Buy Fashionable Memoir
Buy Patriotic Cloisonne Pin
Wager Leathermaker 5


INVEST 2 800 - it’s what Dr. Crusher advises
VOTE ABSTAIN - The Prime Directive insists we must not interfer with the internal politics of developing civilizations

BUY 65£ Fashionable Memoir
BUY 45£ Patriotic Cloisonné Pin

WAGER Leathermaker 10 - Never tell me the odds


Invest 4: 700

Buy: Memoir
Buy: “Vacation” in S. Weatherby. (The press does not vacation. OTOH, it helps to make connections in new places and hire someone local to provide perspective (fly-over journalism rarely captures the nuance of a place).


INVEST 3 579
WAGER Leathermaker 20
HIRE Physician
HIRE Marshal
BUY Fashionable Memoir
BUY Vacation in South Weatherby
BUY Patriotic Cloisonné Pin


The Rothschild-Landaus conduct financial operations throughout the galaxy; New Prussia is no exception. My cousin the trade factor in the Alemania Cluster reports that New Prussian agents have been unusually active arranging finance for short term production expansion. Given the narrow range of industries on New Prussia that could absorb that degree of investment flow, one has to assume the Kaiser is increasing arms production.

That is a business we leave others. In a sound business transaction, both sides “win.” But in war, there is always a loser. Too often, it’s everyone. As tantalizing as the short-term rewards may seem, one is always better preparing for prosperity than meddling in mayhem

Just as my cousin the factor has not been active in the New Prussia financial operations, so I will not be buying Weatherby War Bonds — although the information I have shared suggest Weatherby is prudent to arrange for the common defense.

My cause is Weatherby.

BUY Patriotic Cloisonné Pin 

There is that matter of setting the deeds in the New Territories aright, starting with the Orz-like malefactor that sabotaged our medicine delivery:

  HIRE Barrister  
  SUE manwich Sketchy Whipweed farm

It’s definitely time to relax, recharge, and enjoy life a little.

BUY Fashionable Memoir 
BUY Vacation in South Weatherby  
BUY Franklin Gooseberry's Remarkable Colloidal Seryl 
WAGER  Arguably There 103

I look forward to seeing many of you at points southward this season

invest 3 631

At Your Service,

Mr. Julius Rothschild Karekin

Julius Formal


Eudaemonia studies her accounts and ponders how best to conduct her business.

Since the patent process has finally resolved in her favor, she’s got more available income. Perhaps better accommodations are in order… though she would far prefer to invest in her businesses than herself. A modest new apartment it is.

Yet another coughing spell interrupts her musings. Dratted cough. Perhaps a vacation would do her some good. Fresh air, and new sights to lift her spirits… she’ll need some new reading material to bring along, of course. And perhaps a better tonic than she’s been using (though that wine is still tasty…) No, syrup to ease her aching throat is her best bet.

She turns her attention to her investments. This season’s choice is a difficult one. It’s always wise to improve one’s existing businesses. Yet to truly prosper, one must take risks. And the import/export business looks to be an excellent risk. In fact, it seems to be quite the popular one. With so many spoons dipping into that bowl of broth, they’re likely to tangle with each other, and spill rather than feed, so to speak. Besides, one has a civic duty to one’s fellow citizens. And the shadow of war hangs over us all, she thinks, fingering the emblem of the military she’d purchased just that afternoon. War bonds bring less personal profit… but one cannot prosper if one is not free to do so. She sighs. She is perhaps becoming far too fond of chancy wagers.

And speaking of wagers, which lagomorphs are running again?

Invest 1 600
Rent modest apartment
Buy fashionable memoir
Buy vacation in South Weatherby
Buy patriotic cloisonné pin
Buy Ms. Merrimoose’s Soothing Syrup
Wager 25 Leathermaker


Invest 4 410

I hope to add some flavor, if this damnable terminal will finally reboot.


Invest 4 375

Hire Marshal

Buy Fashionable Memoir
Buy Vacation in South Weatherby
Buy Patriotic Cloisonné Pin
Buy Franklin Gooseberry’s Remarkable Colloidal Seryl