Victory! 🌷💥🎆🎉😎 I'm a Rockstar!

Celebrate the wins, the Yeahs!

Strut your bad self!


This could have been files to F Today, but I think it sits nicely here.

I wanted a nice coop campaign game to play with my family, so I bought Halo 4. Turns out campaign is only playable coop if you have internet. Fuck. So I decide to get Halo 3.

Four days later, the package comes in. I unbox it. The box is Halo 3. The disc is ODST. Shit. I email the vendor with pictures and he promises to send a replacement.

Another four days later, a package arrives. It’s Halo 3. The complete thing. Only cost me six Canadian bucks. Vendor said I should keep ODST, too.

But my brother moved out…


My wife got me a chocolate dinosaur for easter, complete with chocolate dinosaur eggs.

I’m eating it right now.


I got really lost in the wilderness and managed to use map and compass to stumble back to the trail.


I’m sitting at a fundraiser organised by a co-worker (raising money for the local crisis centre) and on Sunday I start learning to skate for roller-derby. Why are these victories? Because outside of work I do not socialise. Normally, I would be at home, buried in a book or video games (and it’s PvE on my own). I have no RL social networks and I don’t do physical activity and I need to. So, it’s me doing something, not just ducking out. For me, this is victory.


Do you have a Roller Derby name yet?


Not yet. Sunday will be my first time on skates in mumblety years. I remember roller areas. Enough said.


I threw a party, and sooooo many people came.


Kudos and High Fives!!!


I fixed my Braun electric coffee grinder, after my older (electrician) brother couldn’t.

4/25/17: Please stop liking this - I re-broke it! See below.


That’s huge! Bravo!!


Ah, but I typed too soon…I took apart again, as I heard something shaking within - and it a tad more than a pot’s worth of ground coffee, LOL! Then, I believe I broke the switch I’d previously repaired. I’m not upset, because it needs to be cleaned anyhow; and in the process of cleaning it, maybe I can fix it again.


New Victory: I survived the first class. No Derby name, yet, but it is a long-term goal. I also got a lesson in just how badly out of shape I am (bad, but I knew that) which is the main point of this exercise.

My mother has survived two strokes in the past two years. Looking back, I realise that she didn’t really have a lot of physical activity things when she was my age, as she was two busy working and looking after two kids. I don’t have kids as an excuse, and I figure the more I do now, the longer I may be able to stave things off. Gyms don’t work for me. I can’t convince myself to go for a walk unless I am going somewhere. I admire people who can exercise for exercise’s sake. I am not one of them.

But this appeals to my competitive streak, is good exercise, and I just need to tell myself that I will get better at it (Bambi on ice got nothin’ on me), and to challenge myself instead of critcising myself. It helps that the people are awesome and patient.


I have found, however, something that helps me get to sleep, either at the beginning of my sleep cycle, or after waking up due to a dream/noise/bathroom need: I visualize atoms and try to remember where they’re placed on the Periodic Table by how many particles they have. So far, I have pictured a lot, but not having studied the PT for a verrry long time, I don’t know what they are. I’m creating new ones. In any case, it works.


If this is coed roller derby, I’d go with something like Nina Cojones. I’m just looking for an excuse to use that name somewhere.

Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with Ivana Chokabitch, even though it’s been done to death.

Also, true fact: Damon Runyon invented Roller Derby.


I love his work! I’ll read it aloud, even if I’m by myself!


What did you do? Mine kakked recently – on the same morning as the coffee maker and the toaster, FWIW…


Oh dear…you have my deepest sympathies!

It’s an old Braun, at least from the late 1980s. I turned it upside down, unscrewed the motor assembly from the housing, and found that the switch that goes from the rim-trigger to the motor was disconnected. So, I reassembled it, and it worked. Then, because it wasn’t tight enough, I took it apart again, and turned it right-side-up, with the motor assembly stuck in the housing, and a pot’s worth of grounds poured out. Then I found I’d broken off part of the switch I fixed before. I can’t get the m.a. out completely without totally breaking the switch.

At least I have a blender that actually grinds coffee beans, and it isn’t a bullet-thingy.


i’ve made it through day 3 ( of 5 ) of my first visit with​ my so’s family and no one has freaked out. ( that’s more than half, right? ) :smile:

considering my family, it feels like some sort victory already.


Awesome. Mine is the same vintage, and I’m betting it died in much the same way. Disassembly to commence this aft! :smiley: you’re definitely a rock star.