Zombie Gawker - aka Gizmodo Media Group - fires Parthian shots at owner Univision

The life, death, and resurrection of Gawker is the opera of our millennial times. The many, many stages of Gawker reflected the zeitgeist; from its not-so-humble beginnings as a gossip rag to its breathless coverage of the nascent Occupy movement to its death at the hands of a (totally not a vampire) Trump-aligned tech billionare-backed Hogan, Gawker was there as our escape from the daily insanity of life.

When Univision snapped up the remains of Gawker - at this point, Gizmodo Media Group - it was hailed as an opportunity to rebuild bigger and better. But Univision is a house of cards, victim of a leveraged buyout, a castle built on quicksand. The executives of Univision are too busy playing childrens’ card games to steer the titanic ship away from disaster; poor decision after poor decision has left the company bleeding money. Refusing to accept blame, the executives have hired a consulting company infamous for axing entire division to cut to profitability.

Haha, as if that ever worked.

Last year, a shadowy group of “Gawker alumni” attempted to raise funds to purchase the Gawker archive and launch a new company under the old Gawker brand.They failed to raise sufficient capital, as expected.

And so begins the newest chapter in Zombie Gawker’s story. Out of patience, out of fucks, here’s an epic ballad-length essay from Zombie Gawker excoriating Univision.



I’m having trouble parsing that. Is it Trump that’s not a vampire, or Thiel, or Hogan?


You get a vampire, you get a vampire, everybody’s a vampire!

Write drunk, edit sober is a lot more difficult to do with Discourse. I might have to invest in an offline markdown editor.


Univision Deportes’ website has an entire section devoted to what is essentially softcore porn, offering laughably thin connections to sports as pretexts for running it.

Um… Am I the only one who remembers when the Gawker network contained a site called “FleshBot,” which went well beyond how they describe Sensación?


Fleshbot and Wonkette were spun off in 2008, I want to say? Back when Gawker was still a tawdry mess. Most of the current GM staff started reading during the Max Read/, Occupy years.


Avoid working for them… they still owe my wife (pro blogger, worked for them for several years) a lot of money that they never paid.



It’s an incredibly ballsy move for GMG to publish a story this critical about the inner workings of their own parent company. I hope it won’t cause too much blowback on the writers… but it probably will.

Gawker died for its sins, but I was kind of hoping its branches would sprout and bloom once they were out from under its shadow. Io9, Jezebel, Splinter, and AVClub all have their flaws, but they’ve brought me fun and knowledge for ages. I hope they avoid the bigwigs’ axes somehow… but it doesn’t look good.

(Though I agree that yes, Mrs. Ratman should have been paid for her work, and it’s shitty that they didn’t.)


It ain’t over yet. She is relentless about getting what’s owed to her. I think it goes back to her “frugal” childhood. The civil suit is working its way through the courts. It doesn’t help GMG’s case that she has an MOU in which they agreed to pay her what Gawker owed in return for continuing to write for them, which she did for a while until they started getting cute about rates and such.

She’s pretty much decided that she’s going to take on her own social/blogging empire next. I gave her a Digital Ocean subscription for her birthday and she’s been playing around with it, and she thinks she can make it work financially. She’s got some startup that wants to buy the mommy-blog so she needs something new to do. :smiley:


Resurrecting this thread because shit’s going down.

I’ll be really sad if the avclub doesn’t come out of this intact (not to mention the takeout, ClickHole and the Onion itself). They’ve done some of their best work recently.


I’d add io9 to that list. They aren’t as good as they were years ago when I started reading there, but they still do some solid work in sci-fi/fantasy/horror media, with some science fact shared from Gizmodo.

Recently quite a few writers across many Giz-group sites took buyouts and left in the name of cutting costs… which was a clear warning sign things were going badly. I hope somebody decent purchases the sites, and encourages them to prosper.


This showed up on Kinja Deals today: