Let's Name This Place Updated: Round 2!

I’m starting a new thread because the previous thread What’s In a Name is now at 200+ responses and might be a bit daunting to sift through. A new thread will allow us to focus on the discussion of the current names proposed.

Below is a multiple choice poll that includes every name that has been suggested, in a format that has been verified to be available. Please pick as many as you like, but don’t just click everything. This is intended to be a first-round filter. I’m going to sift through the results and expect that we’re going to get down to about 50% of the names suggested so far, but we’ll have to see how the data shakes out.

About the TLDs: all of these are listed with a TLD but most of them have several options for TLD (i.e. where the .com is listed, it’s likely there are also .org and .net available, or for .cafe we can probably get .space or .pub or something) so don’t consider the TLD as the most important part of the name. We can choose a particular TLD later.

I had to split the poll in to three sections because there’s a 20 option limit. Here is part 1;

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Part 2;

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Part 3;

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Vote, then discuss your choice!

Somebody want to pin this topic please?

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Good idea… I don’t know how to do that though…help @LockeCJ!


My picks are a mixture of whimsical and metal referential. I tried to pick half of the choices in each section. SnickerSnark and SnarkExchange are my personal favorites.

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This is utterly and completely subjective, but those two are uncomfortably closely associated with old enemies of mine.


That is the reason I was hesitant to vote for Elsewhere. Sure, it can be funny (to me, at least: my ban was only two hours) but it also draws up unpleasant memories.


I like Elsewhere, both because of St Elsewhere, and because we went elsewhere.

It may bring up unpleasant memories, but the fact that we’re here and not there is unpleasant.


Not there will soon be there here, and all memory of unpleasantness soon forgotten. We are building a new space, even if it is started by people from the old space.


Likewise - I actually ticked it for the humour/snark, and then unticked because do we really want to be defined by that hereafter?


I wholly agree with not being defined by BB or events there, but IMHO “Elsewhere” is a cool word that holds its own.


Hang on, to prevent fraud shouldn’t we institute a series of arcane voter ID rules that coincidentally disenfranchise half the BBS?


Specifically, the half whose avatars show against an #fff background? Hmm.


Who are these people who hide their faces and still expect to have a vote? If that’s what they want, they can just go back where they came from.


And have to go to somewhere really inaccessible and impossible to reach? Nah, I’m not going to make the obvious joke :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It is a cool name, I agree. :slight_smile:

I do think that we can’t avoid that it comes as a loaded name due to ‘preceeding events’. If the consensus is to fly that particular flag high, it’s a good name to do that with - I tend to think that ‘You(r actions) aren’t defining us’ is a better flag to fly, and possibly a cleaner starting point.

(I could be overthinking this, though, and I am happy for the consensus to fall where it may.)

Speaking of overthinking, I’ve completely re-written this three times now, so it’s time to hit ‘Send’


Literacy tests!

If you agree, reply with the twenty-sixth letter of this sentence, followed by the letter immediately pursuant to that letter in alphabetical order.



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