Navigating the Forum

A repository of resources for users to learn more (or remind themselves) about how to navigate the forum and set up preferences for their best experience in the community.
I hope as people find tips and tricks that work for them, they’ll share them here.

To get us started, here are a couple general user guides/sites:

Note there’s a comment thread with some extra stuff at the bottom. It’s where I found this:


I just realized, it might also be nice to kind of draw a connection between the categories and topics here to some of our favorites at the other place, so we don’t replicate stuff that already exists here, just because we didn’t find it yet.

So, many of us enjoyed the Happy Mutants Food and Drink Thread, and here we have

Several of us also connected on the Post your pet or animal pics thread, which, this seems pretty close:

I haven’t found the equivalent of the outdoor recreation pics, or unicorn chasers, but I’ve only just scratched the surface.


@Melizmatic recently added Unicorn Chasers: Unicorn Chasers