Redoubtable Downtown Space Abbey - Turn 4 - The Election of 2418

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The mayor has funded the relief mission to the best of her ability with the donations that were collected. As such, the donations have been committed to the mission but the ships will not arrive this season as expected as it was both underfunded and unlucky.

The medical barges are en route and expected to arrive next turn as they are doing the best they can with the resources that were made available.


Bah! This [cough, cough, cough] infection is worse, and that spot of trouble down at the mines, has worsened too. The miners want some ridiculous “health insurance” of some sort. How can I take care of their health when my own is failing?

Igor. IGOR!!! Your mother’s medicine will have to wait, as will my tea cozy. Southpaw ran the wrong direction around the track entirely. Now bring me the Hobbman’s Guide to Xenobiotic Gene Insertion and a hot cup of tea. And tuck the blanket under my feet.

Yes, Master?

And Igor…

Yes, Master? Consider yourself kicked, you moldy old gibface.

Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.


Duchess @gwwar, I do apologize for that birdie to the ol’ bean. But, may I say, you are looking most PLUCKy this fine day! My best thoughts for your swift recovery.


“Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable.”

– Jane Clawsten, Ella

Turn Deadline: Friday, Mar 09 @ 11pm EST

As the barges from Britannia Prime labour toward Weatherby at flank speed, an eager and increasingly desperate populace looks to the stars with a hope that refuses to be extinguished. The sudden and unexpected appearance of the forces of New Prussia cause any number of conversations to turn to darker remembrances and ruminations.

Turn-specific events

Meanwhile, one might expect the following:

Turn 4 plague progress: For healthy individuals: Lousy chance of a decline in health that would likely be moderate. Average chance for any existing condition to either improve or worsen.
Turn 4 risks: Lousy chance for any ‘sketchy’ tract to be contested in court by Weatherby’s Barristers. Contested deeds have an Average chance of being resolved in favor of the current owner, otherwise prior claims are discovered by the courts and ownership of the tract will be transferred to a random household.
Turn 4 rewards: Average chance to see a modest improvement to one’s own capabilities.

Investment opportunities

Choose only one of the following options as well as how much you wish to invest in that option. Greater investments results in greater economies of scale. A higher relevant stat will further improve outcomes, but to a lesser extent than the size of the investment. For example:

Invest 1 300

Option 1: Buy War Bonds: Although the situation with New Prussia remains unknown, the old guard has taken up the cause of selling bonds to modernize the existing Weatherby regiments.

  • Relevant Stat: MIL
  • Rewards: Good chance for average income improvement, poor income improvement otherwise.
  • Risks: Longshot chance to purchase counterfeit bonds, resulting in a worthless investment.

Option 2: Launch rescue ships to meet relief barges: Local shipping units proceeding at emergency speed may rendezvous with inbound medical barges and return supplies and technology sooner than currently expected.

  • Relevant Stat: BUS
  • Requirements: Currently own shares in a shipping concern.
  • Rewards: Average chance for Good income improvement and rank bonus of 50, average income improvement and rank bonus of 25 otherwise.
  • Risks: Fair chance to cause significant engine damage requiring expensive refits

Option 3: Invest in shares in an offworld shipping company: With some elements pushing for Weatherbean independence, shipping shares have seen a sudden resurgence in value.

  • Relevant Stat: EDU
  • Rewards: Very good chance of of Above Average income improvement, Below Average income improvement otherwise.
  • Risks: Longshot risk that the investment is a complete wash.

Option 4: Improve existing holdings: In spite of the plague, several professionals remain available to provide consultation and offer improvements to current investments.

  • Relevant Stat: BUS
  • Rewards: Outside chance of outstanding income improvement, average income improvement otherwise.
  • Risks: Average chance of creating problematic synergies.

Cast a Vote in the Election of 2418

Optional: Votes must be cast via private message to @bartlebot and can be submitted without rank penalty. Your vote shall carry your current rank weight, e.g. a rank of 300 delivers 300 votes to the final tally. The candidate receiving the largest number of votes will be the acting mayor starting next turn.

Vote 3

Option 1: Vote to support the current Mayor, Harriet Tidewell

  • Platform: Future legislation likely to support policies supporting the current status quo: pro-business, defensive military posture, suffrage for True-Citizens only, increased investment in municipal services, focus on remaining relatively independent from Britannia Prime.

Option 2: Vote to support the challenger, Robert Weatherby

  • Platform: Future legislation likely to support policies opposing the current status quo: pro-labour, aggressive military posture, suffrage for Citizen-Pretenders, increased investment in entrepreneurship, focus on leveraging the connection to Britannia Prime.

Option 3: Vote to support a dark horse candidate, Janus Quarry

  • Platform: Future legislation open to input from influential supporters, undefined military posture, suffrage for True-Citizens only, increased investment in unorthodox domains, focus on establishing an autonomous Weatherbean system.

Place Wagers

Optional: One may choose to wager on this season’s Lagoderm race. Merely select a promising creature from the Sports & Leisure section and also indicate the size of the wager. Example:

Wager Hamdinger 100

Market District

The goods in the market district will be available from turn to turn, although prices may change. One may upgrade or downgrade in any given category from turn to turn as needed.


Optional: Specific professionals may become available for hire from turn to turn. As long as they continue to be paid a salary, they will serve you to the best of their abilities. Only a certain number of professionals will be available per turn. Availability is not guaranteed from turn to turn. In the event that more individuals want to hire a specific profession than is available, those of highest RANK will be served first. Example

Hire Physician

The following individuals are available this turn:

Profession      #Available   Upkeep           Effects
----------      ----------   -------------    --------------------------------
Barrister          (1)       250£ per turn    Allows one to contest specific tracts in court with _Good_ success.
Physician          (1)       150£ per turn    Improves health by 1 rank per turn
Marshal            (1)        75£ per turn    MIL+3 per turn.


Optional: One may procure personal quarters within the city at the current market rate. Any change of quarters comes with an additional 25£ fee for moving services. Each improvement represents a move to a better neighborhood with a more impressive address. Example:

Rent Spartan apartment

As more members of Leviathan’s move into upscale districts, doors are opened into even more impressive neighborhoods.

Nature of Quarters          Upkeep                Effect        
--------------------        --------------       ---------------
Spartan apartment            75£ per turn         +50 rank
Modest apartment            200£ per turn         +75 rank
Proper apartment            400£ per turn        +150 rank
Fashionable apartment       700£ per turn        +300 rank
Luxurious apartment        1200£ per turn        +500 rank


Optional: One may purchase various items to enhance ones abilities in various aspects. These items will change from season to season depending on current fashions and availability. Purchases of the same object beyond the first will have no further effect. What on earth would one do with two monocles?

 65£  Fashionable Memoir (PER+2, EDU+1)
150£  Vacation in South Weatherby (Health+1, FSH+3, PER+1)
 45£  Patriotic Cloisonné Pin (EDU+4, MIL+2)

Although it appears none is needed, a brief reminder to use the Public Ledger to establish your intentions for this season.

Several helpful medicines are still available for purchase:

 5£ Dr. Arbuckle's Whipweed Tonic Wine
10£ Ms. Merrimoose's Soothing Syrup
15£ Franklin Gooseberry's Remarkable Colloidal Seryl

I must ask, sir, as somewhat of an entrepreneur myself: I myself own an import/export business; would this fall under the category of “shipping concern” for purposes of assisting with the medical relief? If so, I would be happy to help.

And, although I intend to retain the most excellent services of my physician for another season, what would I write into the ledger if I was no longer in need of his care? And, out of curiosity, would this liberate the good doctor for hiring by another influential citizen?


Owning shares in an import/export business makes option 2 available to your redoubtable self as well as to the others in that line of investment, namely Cmdr William T. Piker (@fintastic) and Lt. Erythro Brummell (ret) (@daneel) and no others.

One will retain any professional through the duration of this season for which they were hired, but should you wish to discontinue services merely submit the order:


This releases the current professional from among your holdings to seek gainful employment elsewhere. Whether or not they choose to offer their services to members of Leviathan’s or seek more profitable employment elsewhere is a bit of a coin toss depending on the current situation in Weatherby.


Thank you, kind sir. That information is both helpful and appreciated.


The legal methods of Weatherby can be a bit opaque. If one hires a barrister, does that barrister defend one’s own “sketchy” tract? Challenge a random “sketchy” tract? Can the barrister be directed to challenge a specific sketchy tract? Can a non-sketchy tract be challenged?

A ruling from on high would be appreciated.


Investment options updated with relevant stats. Thank you for catching that!

At this point in time, a Barrister on retainer can:

  • defend a patron’s ‘sketchy’ tract if not otherwise engaged
  • challenge a specific ‘sketchy’ tract if ordered to do so with the order SUE <player> <tract>
  • non-sketchy tracts may be challenged, but have a longshot chance of being successful, otherwise a rank penalty will be applied based on the value of the non-sketchy tract in question.

Legal resolution of any sketchy tract, either in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant, will cause the tract to lose the ‘sketchy’ status.


Cast a Vote in the Election of 2418

Vote 4

Option 4: Vote for <pleasing hum>

  • Platform: *squeezing* the *juice*

Market District

0.42£ *spicy* hat (MER+B, FAR+£, LAM^Ω)



Have I missed the candidate debates? They must have something to say!


Decisions, decisions.

As an (ex) military man, Brummell certainly saw the appeal in war bonds. Although it seemed strange that they would yet be a necessity when the sole evidence of New Prussia’s hostility seemed to consist of a juvenile joke in the local newspaper. No harm in being prepared though, perhaps.

But equally, those health supplies were sore needed, and few were well placed to aid in that. It was practically his civic duty. Even before considering his own health. Strange that even a being of pure light could contract this illness. And those lizards considered themselves immune!

And who could resist the latest fashions? Certainly not Brummell.

-Qaaxtzl! An errand! What are you doing there, boy? Away from my writing desk!



Oh the sea-sons, the sea-sons turn, they turn. Autumn is almost over my biological friends!

Cmdr Damerl Capstanturnbuckle @pogo
Aaaakzeee St-Patrick-Hartbrooke III @nimelennar
Hieronymoose Farnsworth, III @wisconsin_platt
Olivier Richard Pierre Jean-Robèrt Sylvain @MalevolentPixy
Cmdr William T. Piker @fintastic
Dr. Heinz Franksenketchup @old
Elizabeth Mary Farnsworth VI @hadley
Carcinogennifer Honeyvenom @donald_petersen
<pleasing hum> @manwich
Julius Rothschild Karekin @David_Falkayn

Should all take note that 30 hours remain to record your intentions in Ye Olde Public Ledger




Jean-Rhys Witherspoon Wilhelmina Winnifred Rodchaser née Westingham @mrmonkey
Eudaemonia Betalinda Ponsonby-Britt. @nightflyer

Are naturally included in the above observation.

dit dit dit dit



The chill in the air invigorates my circuits! Soon the snows will settle over Weatherby once again.

Cmdr Damerl Capstanturnbuckle @pogo
Aaaakzeee St-Patrick-Hartbrooke III @nimelennar
Olivier Richard Pierre Jean-Robèrt Sylvain @MalevolentPixy
Dr. Heinz Franksenketchup @old
Elizabeth Mary Farnsworth VI @hadley
Carcinogennifer Honeyvenom @donald_petersen
<pleasing hum> @manwich
Julius Rothschild Karekin @David_Falkayn
Jean-Rhys Witherspoon Wilhelmina Winnifred Rodchaser née Westingham @mrmonkey
Eudaemonia Betalinda Ponsonby-Britt. @nightflyer

Should all take note that a mere 10 hours remain to record your intentions in Ye Olde Public Ledger



The smell of war wafts on Weatherby’s zephyrs and that means money soon to follow. Lots of money for those who know how to invest. Every war needs resources, and resources delivered in a timely manner. Shipping and the means to protect it will be vital to the war effort. And if there’s to be war, what better way to protect our position as citizens than a mayor we have in our pockets already.

Now where’s Igor?

Igor, take your food and clothing allowance for the year and go down to the betting office. Place it all on whatever the long-shot is this season.

Yes, Master.

And Igor…

Yes, Master?

You are as malodorous as a sandfish dead three weeks.

Yes, Master. Thank you, Sir.


“Okay, Ladies and Gentlesentients, this is what we live for.” Liv surveys the newsroom in front of him. A better crew, he couldn’t ask for. "I need profiles on all three candidates – dig as deep as you need to. If they’ve got a skeleton or exoskeleton hidden in a closet somewhere, I want to know about it. You know the drill.

“Hennesy, I want you and Skrrish looking into these New Prussia rumours. Let’s see if there’s any truth there, and if not, what’s really going on. Krohl and Netsup, I’ve got a special assignment for you.” Much as he’d love to leave his two best investigative reporters on the political beat, it’s going to take specialists to find anything about (@manwich). Whatever that thing is up to, it isn’t for the good of the people.

“I’m going to be gone for a couple of weeks to the South, looking into that new resort that they’ve got there – I’ve heard whispers that there was something about the contracting on the build. I’ve also got a couple of other ideas in mind while I’m down there.” Nobody else has a local reporter in the area, he might as well be the first.

"Haliday, you keep working on that .NET thing. Sentient sandfish isn’t the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard, but it wouldn’t be the first time in history someone used the cover of a sentientarian mission for something more sinister.

“And everybody: if you’re feeling under the weather, that’s what we have a doctor for. No sense feeling sick if you don’t have to, and the same goes for your families. Now, I know we’re all hoping for the relief ships, but don’t forget the resources you’ve got right in front of you.” If there’s one thing he can be proud of, it’s that the Post-Ledger looks after its people, as DeForest Hall does for its tenants.

“Now, let’s go make news.”


[GM Note: In the run up to our two-week break, I’m discovering a number of hard deadlines that need attention, which will result in some time shifting for the start of turns 5 and turns 6. As such, I expect the following temporary deviation from our usual Sunday posting of results, Monday posting of turn options, and Friday deadline:]

 Turn 5:  Results of turn 4 to be posted: Tue Mar 13 by 11pm EDT
          Options for turn 5 to be posted: Wed Mar 14 by 11pm EDT
          Deadline for turn 5 orders:  Sun Mar 18 by 5pm EDT

Turn 6:  Results of turn 5 to be posted: Tue Mar 20 by 11pm EDT
         Option for turn 6 to be posted: Wed Mar 21 bu 11pm EDT
         Deadline for turn 6 orders: Sun Apr 1 by 11pm EDT

[As previously mentioned, I’ll be out of the country starting Mar 30 through Apr 12 and without internet, so you’ll be on your own for remembering to submit orders for turn 6. Apologies for the scheduling kerfluffle, but this is the only deadline I’m at liberty to alter. Thanks for understanding.]



Because you are.

Thank You for all are doing – we’ll entertain ourselves along the way.

I promise.