Site Bugs?

Hmm… I’m now able to resize the reply area with the handle, so that’s definitely a plus.

I have seen some oddly inconsistent minor issues still happening, though they can mostly be worked around by resizing the area:

  • I’ve seen one case of the reply area expanding upward when adding lines underneath a pasted-in URL, until it hit the top and then the bottom of the area expanded downwards (taking the reply and close buttons with it). Although I haven’t been able to reproduce it since then so I’m not sure what the trigger was.
  • The text area still appears to extend over the reply/close buttons, but resizing the reply area to be larger gets around that.

I did have to clear my cache for the site to get the mute button to stop showing up.

Shorter version: still some bugs, but much less annoying :smiley:


Do you have any accessibility settings or systemwide increased font size or anything like that set?

I just ask because us web developers are really bad at figuring out all possible combinations of those things and testing them all properly. And it’s really hard to diagnose and solve things when they don’t happen for us so we can’t see whether or not a change affects it.

I tried a few settings tweaks (like 150% font size) but wasn’t able to find one that caused the reply/close buttons to be hidden in my experience. I don’t doubt that you’re seeing it though.

The expanding upward is I think expected normal behavior when you paste in an image or link that fills some space. So you can preview it. But covering up the bottom row of buttons is not expected, and that shouldn’t happen.

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Nope. And I made sure to shut off any ad blocking or other mods that might impact things.

Not quite what I meant. What I saw was: I pasted a link (which created the boxed summary in the preview), and then started typing lines below that… every carriage return after that point, even though there was still plenty of space in the reply area, caused the blue handle to shift upwards. Until it ran out of space, and then everything started expanding downwards past the bottom of the window.

Here’s what I’m seeing:
It stops at that level at the default size of the reply area, and if I drag the handle up a little bit then the bottom of the text area moves up with it until it’s inside the space it’s supposed to be in.

If I’m ever able to trigger that expansion thing again I’ll try to document it better - naturally, it’s refused to happen again now that I’m on the lookout for it. I think the only issue I’m still reliably seeing is the positioning of the bottom of the text area, and that’s also a bit fiddly - sometimes that bottom point is a bit higher when I start a reply, sometimes a bit lower, and I haven’t seen any indication of what might be determining that.



I do not have any accessibility or system-wide settings that are new or different than normal and I haven’t changed anything at all. But now I see it too!

I don’t know how or why. Even if I scroll all the way down, the final line of text is halfway outside the area:


Now if I can just make it happen consistently, maybe I can find something. Although I’m not really familiar with Discourse, so, maybe I wouldn’t.

Oh hey, look at this. I’m seeing consistency.